Embracing The Elements

Lately I’ve been feeling torn.

I’ve always known there have been many parts to myself, many aspects. In a recent blog post on CoachCreativeSpace – The Secret To Finding Your Creative Voice – I talked about how it can be very liberating to take on a new identity or persona to set your creativity free, and help you explore your ideas and creativity in ways that maybe don’t quite “fit” with some of the other recent artwork you’ve created.

This is something that struck a chord with others, and gave them that little “it’s ok it’s alright to continue” that they needed.

But what about the other side of this?

What about trying to connect all those many creative elements of yourself together. Making sense of, and trying to get to grips the whole you?

This is what led me to create this new blog, A Big Creative Yes…

I do many different creative things – the main outlets being writing poetry, dancing and teaching salsa and developing my career online as a Creativity Coach – and I’m a slightly different person to various friends in the offline world.

There are some online that don’t know I dance and teach and have a slight obsession with trainers, especially Nike Airs. And there are others in the offline world who have no idea about the articles or poems I write and publish online. I even have two facebook accounts, one for online friends, and another for the people I know in person, who I meet up with, talk with, dance with.

But now, it’s time to pull myself together a little.

Online, I want to try to be more open, more real, more, well, “Dan”.

To just say, here, this is me, nice to meet you, what are you interested in, what are you passionate about? If you like something about me and I like something about you, then that’s great, we have a new relationship to build upon.

And after, relationships is what life is all about, is it not?

So it’s a reaching out, not only TO the various parts of myself, but reaching out WITH the different multicoloured strands of me, and hopefully making some meaningful connections.

I’m looking forward to this new era of being myself.

How do you feel about the different elements of yourself? How do you fit them altogether?

4 thoughts on “Embracing The Elements”

  1. Hi Dan,

    I do most things on the computer under my own name, but not all. And I usually use my own picture, but not all the time. I tend to compartmentalize, so consciously “mashing” parts of myself together, instead of seperation is interesting. Even taking stuff out of little 3-ring binders and putting them into one big binder can cause me some anxiety. I guess it’s the Virgo in me. I think it’s good to combine different sides of ourselves. I really like your 6 word story “hold me, monsters cannot harm us”! on the sidebar.



  2. How exciting and liberating this sounds–I think it’s wonderful that you are inspired to connect these soul-moving, creative expressions of yourself…as part of the whole of who you are. It is a gift to yourself and to anyone in your life! What a journey this will bring, I imagine 🙂 I look forward to future posts!

    In response to your two questions at the end, I feel a continuous challenge–and challenge is positive for me here–to combine my core elements and express them in many different aspects of my life. From my work, to being a mommy, to friends, family, personal time, etc. Sometimes it feels like a wooden vessel filled with water, there may be no holes, but once the wood is waterlogged and swells with creative goodness so to speak, the water eventually seeps out through the wood itself. So I do not experience equal connections…but I strive for meaningful, yes 🙂

    With the exception of a few core, inner goodies, I find my elements keep changing and evolving so I suppose that adds a different challenge in fitting them altogether for myself. As I think about it now, sometimes it’s a tight fit, LOL, other times these various parts of myself fall into a more complementary whole 🙂

    All the best,


  3. Anne/

    Thanks for your comment. I have a similar dilemma, I do like to have things in “boxes” in my head, at the same time I like doing a range of creative things.

    Maybe what I’m working towards more is to have a single room full of different boxes, each packed with a different part of me, or a different interest. Rather than a single room with everything dumped in a huge pile in the middle!

    Then sometimes of course, you can take toys out of one box and experiment with toys from another. And of course, others can come over with their own toys and see what creative adventures you can have together.


  4. Michelle/

    Thanks for your enthusiasm and support. 🙂

    Your comment – “I do not experience equal connections…but I strive for meaningful” – has given me food for thought. Think I’ll explore that idea of (un)equal connections in a new post sometime.




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