The Way Things Are Supposed To Be

Reading an article called “Everyone’s Model Of Work Is A Job“, about how most of us are programmed to believe that we go through school, college, university then into some form of 9 to 5 employment as a matter of course and without question, got me thinking.

For most people, this is just the way things are, the way they’re supposed to be. Anyone who falls outside of this system is often seen as a maverick or pioneer at best, and at the opposite end of the spectrum as a dropout or workshy.

But what about that deeper theme of how things are “supposed” to be?

If, in your formative creative years, you were encouraged to be very experimental, to make a mess, to try whatever you wanted, to let your imagination run wild, then this becomes the natural way of doing this. It’s how things are supposed to be.

But what if someone growing up just down the street from you had very similar creative talents and dreams, but they were told that they must always colour inside the lines, that trees must always have brown trunks and green leaves and that the wheels on cars must always be round? For them, this conformity, this sticking to the rules, seems just how things are supposed to be, equally validly.

We become conditioned without even realising, because we don’t know any different. Or do we?

Is there a deep instinct within us that already knows the way things are supposed to be, but that “way” is completely unique to us?

What if we trusted ourselves enough to know that however much we try painting because we want to please our colleagues/ peers/ tutors/ parents, that it’s really not for us? We’d be far happier with a pencil and paper writing poems, or with a camera out on the street taking portrait photos.

It’s my belief that we DO each know inside how things are supposed to be, for us.

Sometimes we don’t know we know, or rather we don’t believe we know.

It’s a question of turning down the external surrounding noise, and letting the truth at the core of our identity come through.

You can’t just sit and listen and wait alone. That’s necessary sometimes, but you also have to be bold and try different stuff. You’ll never know if you like Argentine tango or basket weaving or chilli chocolate unless you give them a try. Every experience is an education and whether you like the experience or not, it moves you closer to the real you.

And after all, being the real you is EXACTLY the way things are supposed to be.

How close do you feel to the way things are supposed to be?

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