A Personal Inventory Of The Important Stuff

Physical possessions have been coming up a lot lately in what I’ve been reading and writing, and I’ve come across quite a few posts and articles on the subject of “things”.

One suggested that to move towards a more minimal, less object burdened life, we first take an inventory of every item we own. Yes, every last object. Just write a huge (or absolutely gigantic, depending!) list of all your stuff on a page (or many pages, again, depending).

I didn’t get very far before I was a little overwhelmed.

Do we count each separate item, or can we group stuff together? For example I have around 600 CDs, maybe 150 DVDs and 150 books. That’s 900 objects straight off!

That’s before I even get to my trainers! (I’m joking, I have less than a dozen pairs. Just.)

Then I began thinking of memories, of occasions, of moments we store carefully in our minds. 900? There must be more like 900,000!

What use are these memories, and how does this fit in with the idea of our Personal Inventory, as mentioned in the title of this post?

We can use our memories either to inspire us greatly on to even bigger, more wonderful times.

Or we can use them to hold us back, to keep us from being all we can be.

We have the choice.

If you were to take an personal inventory of your best memories, say your 5 favourite moments of the last year, what would they be? Write them down.

How did these moments come about? What can you do to move towards more of them? What can you do to help others have more of these kind of meaningful, memorable moments in their lives?

I gave up on the personal inventory of my stuff. But once I gave it a little thought, more and more of my best moments of recent times kept popping up one by one, saying “hey don’t forget me, I was brilliant too, remember?” And they were right, they all were!

Write the list, what are YOUR favourite memories and moments from recent times?

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