How To Be A Butterfly – The Epicentre Of Inspiration

In a previous post I talked about art and inspiration, and which came first, which led to which.

Let’s assume that all inspiration must have a starting point, whether it comes from something you see another artist has created, something (or a number of things) you’ve experienced in your day to day life, or from some internal source you can’t quite remember, like a fractured dream, or a sudden burst of an idea in the shower.

Inspiration then, arrives through different channels. Some of these we can nurture ourselves, and help others to be more inspired in what they’re creating, and in their lives generally.

You can be the epicentre of inspiration for others, your influence leaving tremors that reach far wider than you can possibly imagine.

image: majamarko

There’s a theory called The Butterfly Effect which states that tiny movements or changes at one end of any system or sequence can eventually bring huge variations further along that system or sequence.

A butterfly flapping its wings a little faster in your back garden, can eventually lead to a change in the weather systems that brings storms and hurricanes the other side of the world.

You can be a butterfly. In the most creative and positive way.

When you create something, and others experience what you’ve created, they may well be inspired to create themselves.

An example:

Say you go to a cafe every morning for breakfast and write a few pages in your journal, or a few pages of a book you’re working on.

Over the course of a few weeks, dozens of people see you. Maybe three of four of them think about the writing ambitions they have, that have been dormant for months, even years. Maybe one or two actually pick up a pencil and notebook or dust off their typewriter for the first time in months that evening.

Other people in their lives notice this resurrected passion to create, and it gets them thinking about picking up an old creative interest too. And so the ripples of inspiration spread.

Within a few months, your simple act of writing a few pages in your local cafe each day, may well have led to a dozen other people resuming their creative passions, or exploring new ones.

The effect is only just beginning, because each of those dozen people is seen by others, some who revive their creativity too, and so on, until it’s quite feasible that within a few months, hundreds of people are happily creating again, all from that gentle steady flapping of your butterfly wing.

This only works if YOU create in the first place. It is your duty.

Commit to daily creating, and get it out into the world somehow, in everyday life, online, however you prefer. Flutter those little wings and you never what the powerful repercussions may be, across your town, your country, the whole world.

4 thoughts on “How To Be A Butterfly – The Epicentre Of Inspiration”

  1. Thanks for your comment Boldly. I think the more often we create, and the more often we get our art out into the world, the more likely we do inspire others, and start off a chain reaction of inspiration.


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