Step By Step By Leap By Bound

Think about someone you’ve known well for a few years, then ask yourself “how have they evolved and progressed in that time?”

No doubt you’ll find it fairly easy to list some of the things they’ve done and achieved, the ways they’ve changed, the parts of them you especially love, and so on.

Ask the same question to yourself and it’s suddenly so much harder.

Because we live with ourselves all day every day, it’s very difficult to objectively see how we’ve evolved in our own lives. It’s even easier to feel we haven’t done anything meaningful, or worthwhile, or creative for years, when that’s in fact very far from the truth.

image: dhammza

But never underestimate the accumulation of tiny steps.

Literally, any journey, any achievement, is made up steps along the way. Usually many many steady small steps, rather than a couple of huge ones.

So, to get anywhere (and not just physically) we have to put in the legwork, we have to determinedly keep placing one foot after the other.

The great value in taking regular consistent steps is a magical thing called momentum.

Once you get going, you become almost unstoppable.

An analogy: Imagine you live in the one of the coldest, most snow bound parts of the world, where there’s a foot and half of fresh snow just overnight sometimes.

And imagine you parked your car out the front of your house each evening. The next morning, think of the effort you’d need to make to even get to your vehicle, let alone dig it out, clamber inside and try to get it started. You’ll be frustrated and exhausted before you’ve even got started!

This is what it’s like not creating for days or weeks then hoping to just slip back into your full creative flow at a second’s notice.

It’s unrealistic and you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

But what if instead you kept your car in a heated garage overnight? So there’s was no need to dig it out, the doors and windows and engine hadn’t frozen up. You just hop inside and fire it up in a moment.

This is far more like what happens when you create regularly, when you take steady little steps, often.

There’s only one way to get that kind of momentum, whether it’s for creating, or in another part of your life. Step by step.

Commit to daily little steps and you can get anywhere, you can do anything.

Before you’ve even realised, you’ll be talking to someone you’ve not seen for a few months, and they’ll be saying to you – “wow, you’ve done SO much since we last spoke.”

Before you’ve even realised, that step by step will have become leaps and bounds.

5 thoughts on “Step By Step By Leap By Bound”

  1. It’s uncanny. It’s like you’re watching over my shoulder and become inspired to post the thing(s) I’m dealing with every day. (This is what she’s doing wrong, hmmm, here’s something that might help that…) The missteps, the roadblocks, the bumps and detours in the road… The momentum thing you mentioned is so true. Once you shift into gear (the oh-so-difficult part) and start moving, it really does propel you forward. And those little movements forward eventually add up. Thanks, coach, or should I say Guru 😉


  2. I’m not stalking you Diane I promise!

    Glad to be in tune with you though.

    Momentum is SO valuable yes. I’ve written something or other (either business or personal) every day for as long as I can remember.

    With this new(ish) blog I’m committing to a post a day, see how many I can do in a row. A thousand would be great, but one step at a time, eh? 🙂

    Thanks for your input and encouragement.



  3. LOL. I’m glad for your daily posts. So insightful and they do steer me back on track. I’m sure there’s lots of people out there that feel you’re “looking” over their shoulder and nudging them in the right direction. A sign you’re doing something right, I guess! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked away from a project being overwhelmed by the time, effort and success required when that all-important first small step is really all it takes. (And the rest will follow, slow and steady.) Keep up the good work and thanks for the daily “nudge.”


  4. Ah you’re welcome, it’s comments like yours that keep me inspired Diane. : )

    Do you know that saying – How do you eat an elephant? One bite a time.

    I like that idea of a daily nudge too. Gives me an idea to ponder, thank you.


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