Lessons In Creativity From An Orchid Blossom

I have on my windowsill two orchid plants.

Their blossom cycles seem completely unrelated to the season, temperature, amount of sunlight, or weather conditions.

When they do bloom, the flowers last for months and months on end, and are some of the most exotic and beautiful you’ll ever see anywhere.

“That’s nice for you,” I hear you thinking. “Thanks for sharing!! But what on earth has  this got to do with being creative?”

Well, my humble orchids have taught me a lot about being more creative.

Here are three important lessons:

1. The orchids just get on and blossom when they’re ready to blossom.
They don’t care what’s going on around them, what season of the year it is, what the weather is like or anything else.  They just blossom, because it’s time to.

It’s the same for your creativity. Let it blossom when it’s ready. Don’t wait for perfect conditions, for every last detail to be in place. Just get on and start blooming. You’ll find, like the orchid, once one flower blooms, others soon follow. It’ll be the same with your creative projects.

2. From when you first see a tight tiny bud on a plant, to when the flowers are in full bloom takes literally months sometimes. It’s not an overnight phenomenon. Over this time, the plant takes in light and water, and gradually, in its own good time, unfurls to reveal its full beauty.

When we begin a new creative project, we often feel so excited we just want it all done in a day, or even less. Complex projects take time and devotion and patience and nurturing. Give them daily input of sun and water and they’ll come to fruition in their own good time too. It may take days, weeks, months or years. It will take as long as it takes.

3. Because the orchid flowers blossom so slowly, you would barely notice any progress if you sat there watching them for hours on end with baited breath. Then, one day, you’ll suddenly you look up and see half a dozen gorgeous flowers have bloomed, and think “hey when did that happen?”.

Are you acknowledging all the ways your own creativity has blossomed recently, and continues to blossom? Are so busy looking in one direction that you’ve overlooked other ventures that have come to fruition? Make a list of everything creative you’ve done in all parts of your life, even in the last couple of weeks, and you’ll be amazed.

So, aside from looking very beautiful, it turns out my orchids have given me a lot of education and inspiration in being more creative too.

What can you take on board and apply in your own life to help you be more creative?

2 thoughts on “Lessons In Creativity From An Orchid Blossom”

  1. Thanks for your comment CJ.

    Letting our creativity incubate, our ideas especially, is so vital. It doesn’t often simply just gush out just as we want it to.

    And we ourselves are gradually evolving as artists (and humans!), we’re not born knowing how to paint, write, sing perfectly. We experiment and evolve into our own unique skins as we go.

    That’s given a couple more ideas for future posts, thanks!


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