12 Simple Principles For Energy, Health And Creativity

Some years ago, I wrote a small personal manifesto for living in a simple, healthy and creative way, breaking it down to twelve “principles” that worked for me and helped me feel good.

I came across it again recently, and thought I would share it here, and see what others would relate to and would add for their own list.

image: beautifulrust

Here then, are 12 Simple Principles For Energy, Health And Creativity:

– Eat only when you are hungry. If you are not hungry, do not eat. Do not overfill yourself. When you are full, stop eating.

– Eat more slowly. Allow yourself time to digest your food and to savour and enjoy what you are eating.

– Eat less junk and processed food. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

– Drink water as often as possible.

– Preserve your bed only for sleeping. Get out of bed as soon as you wake and immediately make the bed ready for return in the evening.

– Keep your living space clean, minimal and ordered. Know where everything is. Do not let clutter build up.

– Spend more time outdoors. Walk more often and in a variety of different places and surroundings.

– Read something stimulating every day. Take specific time out in a comfortable chair with calm and undisturbed surroundings.

– Write something creative every day. A poem, a story, recollections of a dream or fond memory, a letter to a friend, or just let your thoughts spill on the page.

– Focus and absorb more when listening to music. Give the same amount of attention in listening that its creator gave during its composition.

– Compose more of your own music. Ignore the rules. Be experimental, flexible and imaginative. Write to reflect your mood, or to alter your mood.

– Be more affectionate to those close to you. Build intimacy with small frequent touches. Let those you care about know how much you care.

Each of these could be greatly expanded, but I wanted to keep them clear and simple to follow.

There’s nothing revolutionary here, it’s just a guide to absorb naturally into daily life, not “rules” that must be strictly adhered to down to the last letter.

So, which of these do you use in your own life? What do you find most useful?

What other principles would you add for your own personal list? Share your own simple principles in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “12 Simple Principles For Energy, Health And Creativity”

  1. Hi Dan,

    i came across your blog via Honestspeaks. I can relate to this post well. i already do a number of the points you mention: eating organically, fresh food, reading a poem a day (a new years resolution for creativity and wellbeing). i am working on simplifying my space but this feels really important for me.

    I guess i would add remembering to create space between all in my life. Breathing space and just a moment to pause. Notice the beauty in any moment.

    Thanks, Juliette


  2. These are excellent points, Dan. So simple, yet so effective. Not following these daily principles would probably have a cumulative effect, draining one’s health, energy and creativity. I also like Juliette’s advice about breathing space. So important.

    A principle I could add would be to stop comparing oneself to another’s speed, success, creativity and productivity. So counter-productive in all these areas, at least for me. Maybe others need that competition to spur them on!


  3. Juliette/

    Thanks for your comment. What you talk about I’m trying to move towards more and more.

    Simplifying, reduce the amount of stuff that clutters my life (physical, mental & emotional) and just focusing on what’s important. Absolutely agree we need that space to appreciate what we have, and those moments that we might otherwise miss.


    It never ceases to amaze me how much we conspire to complicate our lives, much more than they need to be! I’m very guilty of this. Getting back to the simple pleasures and principles I believe is the way forward.

    Yes, good point re comparisons to others. Up to a point we can use role models to be inspired by and follow. But we need to find our own way, in our own time. Thanks for your comments.


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