Starting Fires With Your Burning One Day List

image: ilkin

Ever find yourself saying things like: “Yes I’d love to try writing some short stories one day” or “Yes I’ve always wanted to paint in oils, I must get round to it one day” or “I adore watching tango, I’d love to try it myself one day”?

The common thread is “one day”.

All of us have a growing “one day” list of other creative media and projects we’d like to try.

Some are more appealing than others, and maybe some we wouldn’t mind trying but don’t have a great burning compulsion to do. Others we think about every day, or many times a day. They seem to call us softly and insistently from some deep place we cannot ignore.

But the truth is we don’t know how much we’ll enjoy any of these things until we try them.

Three and a half years ago, I’d never danced a step of salsa. Now I teach three classes a week. I never had a smouldering desire to dance salsa from a young age. It hasn’t been a lifelong urge or unexplored passion.

I just went along to a demonstration one day, urged by a friend who thought I’d like it, and a few months later, when I was looking for some new interests, with her encouragement I gave it a try.

You don’t know until you try. You might think right now that you know what your main creative outlet is, where your talents and passions lie. But what about other media you hadn’t even tried yet?

This is one half of the focus of this article. That there are creative activities either within the scope of what you already do, or in other areas completely, that you might love more than anything you’ve tried before. Your greatest talent may be laying dormant waiting to explode!

So try some new creative stuff. It could literally change your life.

The second half of the focus here is that last time I looked at a weekly calendar, there was a Sunday and Monday, but there wasn’t a OneDay.

“One day” is an excuse, a cop out. We think when we are saying “one day” it somehow makes a pencil cross on our calendars at some future nameless date to say “yes I really am going to try this new project”.

But it’s such a vague commitment, in reality by saying “one day”, you might as well say “never”.

As soon as you set a date, as soon as you take that first step and book a new class, or buy new materials, or read about a new technique, you set that creative train within you in motion. You can’t travel anywhere if you don’t leave the station!

Just think what you could be doing this time next week, if you make that first little step today. Not one day, today.

Think for a moment of your “one day” list, all those things you’d like to try. What’s right at the top? What do you want to do more than any of the other possible “one days”?

Write it down, then write underneath the first three steps you can take to get this new project in motion. Then beside these first three steps, write the date and time at which you’re going to take them.

Congratulations. Instead of having a one day list that’s quietly smouldering, you’ve now taken the first step towards starting a few new creative fires.

You’re on your way to turn some of those “one days” into today.

1 thought on “Starting Fires With Your Burning One Day List”

  1. I am not going to be original this time, so all I am going to say that your blog rocks, sad that I don’t have suck a writing skills


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