Why Your Creativity Is An Fundamental Bare Essential Not A Luxury Optional Extra

Creativity and being creative is often seen as something that happens, an act, an event. To be creative means you’re writing a book, or painting a landscape, or shooting a film, or carving a sculpture.

What happens when we view creating as just an isolated event like this, is that we find it easy to opt out of, to say it’s something we can do “when we have time” or “when we’re in the right mood”.

This perspective also allows us to see creating as something other people do. Other people who, we automatically assume, in total disregard of any facts that may be present, are more talented, more capable and more skillful than us, and have more time, money and space than we do.

And so, with this outlook, this revered act of creating (and of us being creative) becomes ever more distant from us.

Whilst of course the examples above are all acts of creative expression, they are not the only ones.

Creativity is not just a state of doing. It’s a state of being, of living. It’s how you think, behave, plan, dream, and act.

image: macropoulos

If your life was a car, your creativity would not be the fancy metallic paintwork, the climate control, the heated windscreen, the electric windows, the sophisticated sound system.

Your creativity is the engine, the transmission, the wheels. Without these essentials your car wouldn’t go anywhere, it wouldn’t do anything. Without your creativity your life would not exist.

Once we begin to realise this, and absorb this wider creative perspective, we soon see how freely we create in all kinds of areas of life we previously disregarded.

The way you’ve designed and decorated your entire home that creates a safe haven for people, and regularly receives compliments from visitors.

The way you’ve created long lasting and meaningful relationships with a number of close friends.

The way you organise social events that are talked about for years after as being the most fun and memorable people have ever been to.

Your website you designed and write and post to regularly, the photos and pictures and handmade crafts you sell.

Creativity is absolutely fundamental to your life, it’s at the core of you.

When you acknowledge this, just how creative you already are, and give yourself the credit and respect you deserve, you’re able to create even more.

Give up the notion that creating is just a narrowly defined set of artistic activities.

Creativity flows through everything you do. When you nurture your creativity, you nurture your whole personality, your whole being, every part of you. And that is certainly NOT a luxury optional extra.

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