Creating With An Open Heart, Creating A Movement

We create for many different reasons, and for most of us, one of the core ones is that we simply need to, and have to. It’s part of our make up, it’s in our DNA and our day to day. There’s no other option but to create, it keeps us alive, afloat, and evolving.

Because of this, much creativity is done quietly, steadily, behind the scenes and underground, millions of words scribbled in thousands of journals across the world, billions of photos captured, chords strummed, stories unfolding.

Whilst most of the time it feels this kind of creating needs to be personal and private, if you keep it this way, you’re actually denying the rest of the world – and yourself – a crucial part of your creative gifts and talents.

Creating with an open heart might mean to you being open in what you express, being honest, speaking and creating in your unique voice.

But it’s also about having an open heart towards others who create, others who enjoy and absorb art in all its forms, others who are looking for that little spark of inspiration and permission to be more creative themselves.

If no-one experiences what you’re creating, or worse still if no-one even knows you’re creating, you’re missing so many opportunities to connect with others, to support and inspire their own creative lives.

For example, if someone else sees you creating in a public place, say, sketching or taking photos in a park, it sends them a message that it’s ok to create, it’s allowed, they have permission. They may have been desperate to do the same for years, but never quite built up the courage to do so.

image: caitlinburke

By your example of creating, they then muster enough courage to try it for themselves. Then maybe this same thing happens with a couple of other people over a few months, and they too come out in public with their journals, their camera, their sketchbooks, because of your example.

Maybe then each of these people you’ve directly inspired are then seen by three others, and they are encouraged to create more.

In a short space of time, your act of creating with an open heart has lead to nine others doing the same.

A month or two later, each of them are seen, and inspire three others, meaning now 27 people are openly creating, all as a direct result of your initial courage to do so.

The next layer of this ever expanding creative explosion yields 81 people, the next  243. Your simply act of sketching or writing or taking photos in the park has led to 243 others doing the same, in parks all over the region, the country, the continent and beyond.

By creating with an open heart, you’ve created a movement. Just another 5 cycles of this explosion of inspiration and nearly 60000 people are creating more freely than they’ve done in years. Creating with open hearts, creating their own movements. All because of you.

Isn’t that reason enough to get out as often as possible and create, not just for your essential personal reasons, but for the good of your fellow creatives across the world?

Your turn! What first step can you take today to creating with an open heart like this?

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4 thoughts on “Creating With An Open Heart, Creating A Movement”

  1. Funny I would see this today! I started doing a daily narrated video (usually <1min long) and am calling it the "This is Where I am Today" video. I send them to a few friends, each day, as I am traveling right now. One friend has started making her own and sending a video back to me.

    It's interesting, because after a few days of doing this, I noticed how uncomfortable and/or embarrassed I felt to be taking video (and narrating) in public spaces when around strangers. I was talking to my friend about it, and she felt similarly. But just yesterday, we committed to continue, to push past this discomfort, and just let our hearts lead us.

    It's a call that we must heed. And I think it will continue to grow and feel very rewarding!

    So Thank you!


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