How To Become Who You’ve Always Been – The 5 Key Questions

There is much talk these days about being authentic and finding “the real you”, as if it’s something that you just misplaced amongst a pile of papers, or dropped down the back of the sofa and will suddenly one day find it again and everything will be sunshine and light.

The theory that we can only be happy when we’re being true to ourselves I believe is true. But finding this is a constant, and complex, evolution, not a sudden overnight occurrence with instant results.

That said, there are many ways you can strive to cut out all of the noise and distraction around that core you inside though, by asking a few simple powerful questions.

Again this will not mean sudden enlightenment (though it may well set off enough lightbulbs to make your next few steps much clearer and more purposeful) but by asking these questions regularly and listening to the answers, and you can’t help but allow your true you to flourish more.

For each question, complete the sentence in as many ways as you can think of. Don’t censor yourself, don’t limit yourself in what or how much you write, don’t overanalyse, just write what comes to you, let it spill out.

The 5 key questions:

1. I’ve always been someone who’s enjoyed…

2. I’ve always been told my best qualities are…

3. I’ve always been someone who’s wanted to…

4. I’ve always been some who’s not afraid to…

5. I’ve always been someone who’s been fascinated by…

Once you have answered these five questions in as many ways as you can, put the answers to one side for a while. You’ll naturally turn over some of the answers in your mind and they will lead to new ideas and revelations.

image: LucasTheExperience

The act of just doing this exercise once will lead to insights you may not have had before, or that you may not have had in long time.

Do you ever come across someone who’s talking about painting or reading or writing or interiors and you suddenly think to yourself: “I used to LOVE doing that myself! I haven’t done it in YEARS…”

These are the kind of revelations that will help, allowing you to rediscover some of the passions you’ve long forgotten about, the passions that got buried in an avalanche of everyday demands and obligations. The passions that make you feel most you.

You may find that a few days later, you want to try this exercise again and see what else comes.

You may well also find that certain ideas and past loves you remembered are now urging you to explore them again, like a small child tugging desperately at your sleeve to go play with them while you engage in “adult” conversation with people who you find dull and uninspiring. Metaphorically speaking.

It’s ok to go and play! You never know what kind of creative adventures it will lead to and how you will, in time, again become the wonderful creative person you’ve always been.

Please feel free to share some of your answers and revelations with us in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “How To Become Who You’ve Always Been – The 5 Key Questions”

  1. OK Dan, well you said fast and straight off the top so…..

    1. I’ve always been someone who’s enjoyed…
    Music, writing, words, scenery, skyscapes, sunshine, painting, gardening, rural villages, people who inspire, friends, travelling, singing, dancing,

    2.I’ve always been told my best qualities are…
    Caring, having empathy, a good listener, creative, talented, resourceful,multi skilled, artistic, musical, fun to be around, uplifting, philosophical, deep thinker…

    3. I’ve always been someone who’s wanted to…
    Write, play music, paint, garden, travel, help others, be a problem solver, have initiative, sing, dance, be a hairdresser, be a friend, be a good wife, have children, have grand children, be happy, create…

    4. I’ve always been some who’s not afraid to…
    Take a risk, think outside of the square, give my IC a swift kick in the butt!, have a go at something new, invent myself, get involved in the process of life, make a new friend, travel on my own, try something different ,keep my mind open to new ideas…

    5. I’ve always been someone who’s been fascinated by…
    The stars above, the vastness and impossibility of infinity, colour and landscape, the ebb and tide of the ocean, the mystery of other planets, the uniqueness of flowers, the scents of a perfumed garden, the diverse difference of peoples world over, the rituals and spirituality of mankind, the miracle of birth, the wonder of children, the pattern of the seasons, the order of life, the chaos of humanity, the wisdom of the ages, the varied philosophies of tribes, the miracles of ‘life’, the power of storms, the diversity of nature…

    I know that I have in no way covered it all, but these just a few scraps that easily spring to mind… Now it’s brekky time-I love my second cup of tea best! LOL


  2. Julia, thanks for your comments. I love this, how all this creativity and love for creativity just spilled out of you.

    Good luck with your next creative adventures!



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