How You And I Are Going To Start Saving Our World. Today.

image: ironrodart

Saving our world? That’s a pretty ambitious aim isn’t it?

Yes, maybe. But it’s something that’s perfectly within our power.

And today? That’s sort of, like, very soon.

Yes again. But there’s never been a better time, it’s never been more needed.

Here are the three basic steps you need to follow. Read through and start planning how you can apply them as soon as possible:

1. Create everyday. For you to be able to start saving your world, you have to be at your most creative. The key to doing this is to create everyday. This way, creating becomes so much easier, and it’s a steady flow that’s always bubbling away in the back rooms of your mind, rather than an all or nothing switch that becomes harder and harder to turn on, the less frequently you create.

Begin by picking a time that is most convenient, and set a specific time period too. Make it small too, begin with, say 15 minutes. Going from creating erratically (if at all) to create for 3 hours a day everyday is a huge ask for anyone and you’re likely to falter quickly. It’s far better to start small, build the daily habit, then extend the amount of time you create for each day.

2. Create in public as well as privately. We all like to work in private, lock ourselves away with our creative projects, lose ourselves in them and forget that the rest of the world exists. But when you do this, very few people, if any, know you’re creating. Your potential for inspiring others is going to waste.

When you also create in public, other creative people see your courage and commitment and it gives them a green light and a gentle nudge to do the same. You don’t have to show what you’re creating to every passing stranger, just the fact that you are writing or sketching or taking photos is enough to subliminally encourage others to create publicly too.

3. Encourage everyone you know to be creative. Of course you’re already doing this by publicly creating. But go another step, and actively encourage people you know who are creative, or would like to be creative and don’t feel very brave about getting started, or don’t know how to.

You can do this by first of all observing what people do, and talk about, to get an idea about the ways they like to create. If you’re comfortable enough, engage with people out in the street as they walk by and see you creating. Ask them if they like to sketch or write or photograph. Also be as supportive as you can to the creative people around you. Tell them how their creativity can save their world too.

These three steps are the basic outline you need.

Don’t make it any more complicated.

The reason this is titled “How You And I Are Going To Start Saving Our World…” and not “…The World…” is because our efforts are far better used applying them to those people who we can immediately reach. Those in our close surroundings, in our community both in the physical world, and in our communities online.

When you begin to be more creative, and encourage others too, the word spreads.

Everyone you are connected with is also connected with a whole host of other people, so the creativity spreads through them, then wider out through all their networks and so on.

Creating makes us happier, more engaged with the world, more positive, and gives us more energy and enthusiasm for life. Sharing and spreading this can’t help but have a powerful and positive effect on your world.

Yes there will be people that don’t get it, that won’t understand. There always will be. Just as there always will be people who will try to hinder you and talk you down.

Accept that as their point of view, and move on to those who do get it, those you can influence and help.

You and I, and everyone we can reach, can start saving our world. Today. Are you with me?

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9 thoughts on “How You And I Are Going To Start Saving Our World. Today.”

  1. Dan, I’m so glad to know you. We are definitely on the same team.
    Gotta re-read this post for extra inspiration and great ideas.


  2. I really like your idea of using creating in public to create a dialogue. I’d never thought of it like that. I always feel very self-conscious about doing it but looking at it from that perspective changes the game : )


  3. Hi WildC, yes whether you actually engage in dialogue with another person, curious at what you’re writing or creating, or whether it’s just through you being there creating publicly that sends a more subtle message that creating is ok. It’s great communication to fellow (and closet) artists either way!

    Thanks for your comment.


  4. “Creating makes us happier, more engaged with the world, more positive, and gives us more energy and enthusiasm for life.” – Can’t agree more Dan thanks!


  5. We’re on the same page, not surprised 😉
    Great message. Working outside always draws
    someones curiosity,also is more inspiring
    to do so and love communing with people.
    Also,a smile goes along way and it’s a free
    gift to give 😉


  6. Clemente, you’re welcome, thanks for stopping by to read.

    Alexa, it’s also like a secret code almost, when we create in public we send it out. Those who also create get the message, and others like you say will be curious too. You never know whether seeing you create will be that last gentle push someone needs to rekindle their dormant creative passions…


  7. Here is Bill McDounough’s design criteria for everything that we create from here on -“for all children of all species for all time”. Meet this or redo.
    It is indeed ‘our’ world that needs saving as ‘the’ world will be just fine without us.


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