The Unstoppable Power Of Creative Inspiration – Story Two – Grady and Miss Hampton

This is the second of three stories about the power of creative inspiration. You can read the first story about David and Elisabeth here.

Many of us say we don’t create as much as we could, or would like to, because we see it as such a selfish, almost self-indulgent way to spend that much time on just ourselves. Especially when demands from others in our lives are stacking up in all directions.

But what we don’t take into account is that when we create, all kinds of other connections are made and plans set in motion, inside ourselves and in others who see us creating. Some we don’t even know about for months, if ever.

This is our second story in a series of three about how when you create you inspire people in all kinds of ways that set off unstoppable chain reactions.

image: gnsk

Grady worked as a courier, delivering parcels to people, and one of his regular deliveries was to “Miss K Hampton”, as he knew her. Though he’d never seen her, he knew Miss Hampton had a subscription to a photography magazine, which Grady would reliably deliver on the 15th of each month.

Just holding the photography magazine in his hands stirred in him a whole host of different feelings. He longed to take photographs himself, and the yearning he felt just seeing pictures others had taken moved something deep in him in a way nothing else he’d known before ever had.

As well as the magazines, Miss Hampton also occasionally ordered new accessories, lenses, and even new cameras. Grady knew from the return postal addresses that the plain brown packages he delivered contained photography equipment, and each time he felt that indescribable longing.

About a year into his role as a courier, Grady was delivering the latest magazine and another plain brown package to his fellow photographic enthusiast. As he was about to post through her door, it suddenly opened, and there stood Miss Hampton.

She thanked him for the deliveries and mentioned her latest purchase, a new long range lens. In one arm, she had a box of assorted photo equipment, including a camera.

She must have seen something light up in his eyes, laughed out loud, smiled, and said: “I can see your love of cameras all over your face!”

He replied, shyly: “Um, no, well, er, yeh. I mean, I do love cameras, but I don’t have one. I used to, long time ago. But I don’t now.”

He could feel himself blushing, partly embarrassed at his transparency, partly recalling his own sadness and frustration that he no longer photographed.

“Well, it’s such a waste for someone who obviously has a passion. I was just taking these old bits to sell. Please, take anything you’d like, I’d love to know it was going to a loving home rather than a unknown stranger.”

Where we next pick up our story, a year has passed.

So, is Grady still delivering photographic magazines to Miss Hampton?

Not exactly.

He doesn’t have time anymore, in between his full time portrait photography business and national photo exhibitions.

The identities of the people in this story aren’t important. What is important is that this could happen in your life or mine. You could be the artist who’s public love of her passion slowly, steadily, drip by drip, encouraged someone else to rediscover their own long buried passions.

Because once you make that commitment to regularly create, and even more importantly, once you let the world know about it, you set in motion all kinds of forces of inspiration.

Think of how many people have had beautiful portraits taken by Grady. Think of how many people all over the country have been inspired by his exhibitions. How many others might have taken up a camera for the first time as a direct result of his work.

Think of how ALL of this came from someone simply ordering a magazine and equipment to feed their passion each month.

Creating is anything but selfish. It gives others the permission, the little nudge they need to create themselves. And so the creative energy and good feeling expands, ever wider.

It can all begin with you. It must. Go to your page, screen, canvas, film and create. We need you to step up.

The third story in this series will follow in the coming weeks, stay tuned.

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