The Exaggerated Death Of An Artist: If You Lost Everything You Ever Created, Would You Still Be An Artist?

Imagine there was some unforeseen disaster which resulted in you losing everything you ever created. Every piece of art – every poem, every painting, every collage, every song, every film, every photo, every carving, every sculpture, every sketch, every journal.

Absolutely everything.

So in terms of your lifetime body of artwork, nothing remained. It would be like you had never existed as an artist at all.

Who would you be? Would you still be an artist? Would you still be creative? Or would it all have been wiped out along with your artwork?

image: chrisphoto

As unsettling, maybe even terrifying, as this scenario sounds, the reality is it wouldn’t change your capabilities and talents as an artist one little bit.

All that artwork you lost – any artwork you create – are physical expressions of your creativity. They are documents of the moments of creating that inspired them.

And whilst these documents are beautiful and vital and essential to have created, they’re not the actual source of your creativity.

In addition, so far we’ve only talked about this physical tangible expressions of your creativity. Stuff you’ve made, in other words.

But that’s just one area of your vast creative capabilities and output.

What about all the other ways you create, every moment of every day?

What about the relationships you’ve formed? What about the home you’ve made? What about the events and occasions you’ve helped be so fun and memorable? What about all the conversations you’ve had? What about all the smiles and laughs you’ve created on the faces of others?

You are SO much more creative than you give yourself credit for. You can’t stop yourself.

Want proof? Ok, read the next sentence then don’t think about it all, or have any ideas around it:

Once upon a time there was brave young knight who was on an epic quest, just him and his silver horse.

Did you manage to not think about the knight and his horse? What they might look like, why he was brave, what he might have done, what his epic quest was about?

No? Exactly. You can’t NOT create in your mind!

Maybe you find this idea of losing everything you ever created very liberating? What if all those many Works In Progress got destroyed in an instant? Wouldn’t that be a great release, and a great relief to not have them taunting you from dusty shelves about how you never finish anything? A clean slate, what freedom!

The point of all this, is that you are creative, highly creative, an evolving, active, flourishing artist.

Whatever you’ve created in the past, today is day one of your new creative future. You can create ANYTHING you want to.

Did someone say the artist is dead? Oh no, not even close. Long live the artist!

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