How To Build The Bridge To Your Beautiful Creative Future

image: dancoachcreative

Do you have big ambitious dreams about all the amazing projects and artworks you want to create?

Put aside all those “if onlys”  (If only I had more time, space, ideas, resources, courage, talent… ) and think about what you’d really love your creative life to be like, what kind of beautiful creative future you have ahead of you.

Another way of thinking of this is to consider what kind of creative legacy you’d like to leave.

If you were on your deathbed looking back over a long, fruitful and creative life, what do you see? What have you created, how have you created, how has it touched other people’s lives?

What usually happens at this point is you look at your creative dreams and feel all warm and inspired and fired up and motivated about getting closer to them.

Then you realise they feel so far away from where you are now, they may as well be in a different country.

Or a different continent. Or even a different planet. And you’re wondering how on Earth (or Mars, or Venus…) you’re ever going to get there.

A great coaching friend of mine has a very neat technique for just this kind of situation.

Building A Bridge To Your Beautiful Creative Future

Think about where your dreams are, even if they feel they’re out there on a different planet. What’s the next little step you could take today, towards them?

It doesn’t have to be something huge and radical, just a small action in the right direction.

Then, think about your dream again. Put yourself in the future, as if you’re there and have achieved all you wanted to.

Just before you arrived, just before you felt you’d actually reached what you’d been striving towards, what’s was that last little step you had to take?

By thinking about your next step, and the final step, you’ve already bridged that gap between there and here by two steps. It’s already that bit closer.

Once you take that first step you’ve planned, you’re closer still.

If you want to, you can plan every step in this way. First think about the next step moving forward, then think about the last but one step moving back from your dream to where you are now.

You eventually meet yourself in the middle and then you have your journey mapped out.

Instead of your creative dreams seeming incredibly distant and futile to even consider, you now have a clear plan mapped out to head along.

Imagine you’re on one side of the Grand Canyon, and where you want to be is across the other side. Using this technique to plan your steps, is like building a bridge across the canyon. It’s a whole lot easier to walk across a bridge by putting one foot after the other than hurling yourself off the precipice and hoping for the best!

And it certainly better than going right up to the edge, peering across the other side, thinking there’s no way you’ll ever get across and turning round and going home utterly defeated.

So, it’s in your hands now. It’s time to start building your bridge.

What’s the next step you’re going to take?

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