7 Wonderful Ways To Wake Up More Creative

We can be creative from the moment we wake each day, or even before!

image: fofurasfelinas

If we begin the day creative – before we drown ourselves in defeating debates about whether we should create today or not, and before procrastination has a chance to take hold – it sets us up for a whole day of creating.

It’s like waking and putting on not rose tinted glasses, but a superhero creativity cape.

So to help you do this, here are 7 wonderful ways to wake up more creative:

1. Write a story in your head the moment you open your eyes. As you open your eyes, notice the first random object you see. What kind of story could evolve about this kind of object? Let your mind wander and come up with whatever it wants to. You can help yourself out with this little technique by placing unusual objects by your bed and around your room each night to give you inspiration.

2. Wake up ten minutes early and dream.
Set your alarm ten minutes earlier than usual, and hit the snooze button. I do this every day, and the dreams and ideas I have in that ten (or twenty or thirty) minutes are very rich and inspiring. The more regularly you do this, the more your creative mind becomes used to it and the more freely creative ideas and images will come to you.

3. Focusing entirely on one sense. All creative stimulation comes through our five senses. And all of our art is expressed in a way that connects with our senses too. So the more in tune and aware of your senses you are, the more creative you’ll be. Focus on just one sense when you’re laying in bed – your hearing for example. Notice every different sound you hear around and within you, there’ll be far more than you first thought. Then try another of your senses. Repeat for greater effect.

4. Imagine waking up somewhere distant and exotic. Unleash your creative mind and imagine you’ve woken up in a strange place far from here. What do you notice all around you? Who are you with, why are you there, what’s the story behind how you came to this place? Giving your creativity this kind of freedom to imagine means other ideas and possibilities will come more easily too. It’s another effective exercise to get your creativity muscles in great shape each morning.

5. Recall your creative triumphs. Think about the creative projects you’re most proud of and that gave you most pleasure. What first comes to mind? Take a few moments to enjoy the glow again, and remember it was you who created this, no-one else. And because you did it then, it means you can create something equally wonderful, if not more so, again. In fact you can go out and create it today.

6. Count your blessings. This sounds an obvious idea, but so many of us don’t take stock of all we have to be thankful for. Spend 5 minutes jotting down (or even just counting in your head) 5 things you have to be grateful for in your life today. By starting the day in this frame of mind of gratitude you’ll feel more positive and more likely to go out and enjoy today. As well as feeling happier, it will inevitably help you be more creative too.

7. Choose just one creative aim for the day. Long term goals are great, but we can sometimes have our eyes so focused on the distant future horizon we actually forget to put one foot after the other each day to get us there. What one creative project can you begin/continue/finish today? What do you want to work on most? Where, more than anywhere else, are you going to channel your creative energy today? Getting focused and eliminating distractions means you’ll increase your creativity instantly.

So, which of these 7 ways are you going to try tomorrow?

Let us know what you try, and how it works for you in the comments below. Also, share with us other tips you have for beginning the day as creatively as possible.

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14 thoughts on “7 Wonderful Ways To Wake Up More Creative”

  1. Love these suggestions! Especially the one about making a story about the first thing I see.
    I used to write dream reports every morning. I got up before my husband, so while I was blundering around fixing coffee and toast I’d write a report for him of the dream I’d had. He used to use them to kick-start his writing for the day.
    Now we both write from home so we both have to report at the same time!


    1. Hi Roz, that sounds a wonderful idea about the dream reports. If you only write down (or report) a few images or scenes from a dream, they’re a rich source of inspiration.

      Thanks for your comments.


  2. You got my interest with the cat picture at the top. I love cats!
    These are great ideas. My problem is the things I think of to do before I write. Bills, wash, Sudoku, maybe I should take a nap, how can I write when I’m tired?
    Mindmapping helps me. I always have a notebook with me to make notes on even if I do give in to Sudoku.


  3. I love that time just after waking up every day where I’m relaxed and my subconscious mind is giving me ideas. I love to linger in bed in that half-dream state. This morning I woke up with an idea for a screenplay.

    I don’t always remember my early morning daydreams – I fall back to sleep and they slip away – but now I believe this practice (which I used to judge as laziness) feeds my creativity.


    1. It is a wonderful time, and yes possibly the most fertile our creative minds ever are. I used to set my alarm 10 or 20 minutes earlier than I wanted to get up to allow for a couple of snoozes where these amazing morning daydreams unfolded…


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