The Secret Life Of Frank, An Amazing Creative Idea

Hi, I’m Frank, and I started life as a humble little fragment of an idea in some guy’s head. I’ve since gone on to do some pretty amazing stuff. This is my story…

So, there I was a couple of years back, just kicking around in the dust of this guy’s brain with a load of other hopefuls. It was pretty crowded in there, he always had a lot going on. None of us did much or really got noticed at all. I always felt there was more, I was destined for bigger things.

We’d heard about this place called The Journal.

We didn’t really know if it was like a building or a city or some kind of publication. We’d just heard it was the place to be if you wanted to have a chance of actually making something of yourself.

Trouble is, none of us really knew where it was or how to get there. All we had was hearsay and half whispers, nothing concrete.

Then, one day, I’m loafing around minding my own, when I hear this kind of intense rushing noise.

Like in the movies when you see an airplane’s door get busted open and the pressure of the air outside sucks everything out? Then I felt this pulling, something drawing me towards the corner of the room.

Looking around I saw other ideas starting to move in the opposite direction. For all their talk of yearning to crack the big time, they’d seemed awful scared of any change and were trying to get away from the source of the sound.

I was ready though, it was time, and I was tired of hanging round here and nothing happening, so I headed the opposite way, straight towards the sucking noise in the corner.

Next thing I know I’m suddenly being dragged in faster than my feet can keep up with, and then I’m hurled down this vast gushing warm red river.

I know I’m heading for better things though, I just believe it somehow, so although I was a little scared, I just tried to let go and the current just takes me.

Then, just as suddenly, I tumble out into a huge white room.

image: Sterin

Although it’s white, it’s very comfortable. There are large soft couches everywhere, rugs, cushions, it’s really pretty luxurious. Neat lighting too, sort of soft and inviting. Very cool artwork everywhere. Oh and wonderful music!

I see a few other ideas mingling around so decide to go introduce myself. Everyone seems very friendly, and you know what strikes me most? Everyone is just gushing with all this creative energy. They’re alive with it, it’s in every atom of them, just oscillating.

Back where I was before it was so stark and dull and yet chaotic. No one had a chance of getting heard or standing out or amounting to much.

Here, there’s so much more space. Not just physical space, but space to just be yourself more.

Within like half of minute of talking to anyone here, they’re asking you about what you’re into, what your ambitions are, what your talents are. It instantly makes you feel so much more creative and worthwhile, and that you can become something meaningful here.

Then I realise. This is The Journal.

This is that mythical place we’d heard about, but weren’t sure even existed.

I ask someone what happens now, do we live here for the rest of our days? They tell me I’ll just know when it’s time to leave. I’ll be called somehow, on to the next part of my adventure.

When I am called, they were right, I did know it and I was ready. It was nine months later, but that time in The Journal, mixing with all those other cool ideas, made me flourish and grow so much myself. If I’d never got to that place, I’d never have gone on to anything else.

So what’s happening in my life right now?

Well, I’m one of the lead parts in a series of novels that have been published in 29 countries in the world, and have just sold their millionth copy.

Hey, we all start out some place, us ideas. If we’re ignored and neglected we’ll all just fade into the background, disappear in the dust.

But give us a chance, get us in The Journal, your journal, any journal, and it gives us hope of becoming something incredible.

Only a few of us make it, but the more you give that opportunity to, the more are going to make it big. Like I did.

By the way, that novel I’m in? It’s called The Secret Life Of Frank, An Amazing Creative Idea.

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6 thoughts on “The Secret Life Of Frank, An Amazing Creative Idea”

    1. Thanks Jessica. Just been checking out your blog, and have subscribed. What a clever what to write – from your own perspective and from your creativity’s. 🙂



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