My Creative Friend, You Have Everything You Need

In an excellent recent interview, Steven Pressfield, author of The War Of Art, used the phrase “Tribe Of One”, suggesting that before we concern ourselves with becoming part of a tribe with others, we had to master ourselves, or own inner tribe.

I believe as a coach that within every one of us we already have all the tools and resources and creativity we need to do what we’re put here to do.

This nestles in warmly with another core belief of mine that when we learn something “new”, really we’re just uncovering or rediscovering what we have always known, what we knew at birth (or even before) then managed to have bludgeoned out of us over the course of our childhood and teenage years.

In creativity especially, we’re not so much learning how to write, how to paint, how to carve, we’re unlearning, or unravelling, all the ways we block ourselves, the ways we stand in our own paths and say “no”, “you can’t”, “you don’t deserve to”.

Without these barriers, we see our true creativity come forth in abundance. That’s the natural state, for all of us.

Think of a time when you’ve been creating with such flow that you lost track of time, of where you were, maybe even of who you were. You became creativity itself, rather than someone who is in the act of creating.

These are the times when you’ve reconnected with all that you already know, and it gushes forth like an invincible river after the storm, sweeping along everything in its path.

image: Preconscious Eye

What difference would it make to you personally, if you truly believed that you had within you more creativity than you would ever need? That this rushing river was already deep inside you at full flow, you just had to find your way back through the forest to the waters edge and dive in?

How much easier would it be, going on this creative adventure of life, knowing you had in your backpack every possible tool and provision you needed to overcome every obstacle on the mountain trail ahead?

It makes a world of difference to ask yourself not “Can I create today?” but instead “What can I create today?”

If you follow the theory that you already know everything, then returning to, and reclaiming this knowledge is more about remembering, or, put another way, forgetting how you forgot.

So, to sum up, you already have within you everything you need.

You know how to be creative, so creative it startles you, makes you gasp, hold you breath and say “Wow, is this little old me that’s doing this?”

It is, except “little old me” is really “mighty young invincibly creative me”.

What we believe is a choice. We can gather evidence to support any belief. If you believe you’re creative, there’s a wealth of evidence you find to back that up.

So I invite you to start gathering up and recalling all those times you’ve been creative, in the last day, week, month, year, decade and beyond. You’ve created so much more than you remember. You’re so much more creative than you think. You can do anything.

Because, my creative friend, you have everything you need.

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1 thought on “My Creative Friend, You Have Everything You Need”

  1. “…what we knew at birth (or even before) then managed to have bludgeoned out of us over the course of our childhood and teenage years.”

    Bludgeoned? Good heavens! 🙂
    Not if they take my art class…heh…


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