Tiny Is Ready To Conquer The World

Massive Action = Massive Results.

This is one of the most common phrases I hear (and sometimes use) as a creativity coach.

But we can’t simply go from one giant leap to another without all the little steps in between.

Tiny steps (or baby steps if you prefer), taken steadily and regularly, may not get you anywhere fast, but they will get you anywhere you want.

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Everything begins in the tiny details, and the most subtle difference can make ALL the difference.

In my front room window I have a crystal prism a friend gave me years ago, that glistens in the sunlight each morning. As it caught my eye yesterday, in a split second it looked completely blue, like a glowing orb or bright blue light dangling in mid air. I moved my head barely a couple of millimetres to the left and it changed to green, shining equally resplendently. Again I moved the tiniest amount and it became yellow, then orange, then red.

Just a tiny little shift can give a radically different perspective. In fact, when I took a step back, the crystal lost its glow and became completely clear again.

The danger with a tiny amount of anything is we dismiss it as not being effective or worthwhile because we’re so programmed these days to expect amazing results and want everything right here right now. ‘Because you’re worth it.”

But tiny, over a period of time, can change your life.

Imagine if someone said to you once a day “You’re useless, you’re not a proper artist at all.” That might take them five seconds. A pretty tiny amount in terms of the 86400 seconds available each day. But if you had that same kind of message every single day, it would inevitably have a negative effect on your self esteem and confidence.

Similarly, if every day you heard something positive about yourself, or you said and thought it yourself, it would have a positive cumulative effect.

Creating a tiny amount each day – a few lines of poetry or story, a small sketch in a notebook, a few photos – is beneficial on so many levels. Not least of that within a couple of weeks you’ll have developed a body of work, just from a few minutes of commitment every day.

The tiny art options these days are flourishing more than ever.

In writing there is flash and micro fiction, with stories of 100, 50 or even just six words.

In sketching there are wealth of tiny options such as “inchies” (art work on a 1in by 1in square of paper), doodles and zentangles.

There are the increasingly popular Artist Trading Cards (ATCs).

In other words there is a wealth of options available to us when we wish to create little and often, more than ever before.

There’s a time for big action. And there’s time for tiny steps. Every single day.

What tiny steps are you taking to change your world?

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2 thoughts on “Tiny Is Ready To Conquer The World”

  1. I love the idea of baby steps because it is such a simple truth. It’s those tiny steps that will eventually lead to the desired outcome. However, being a victim of the instant gratification age, much patience (and optimism) is needed to sustain those baby steps, which is not easy for me!

    When I’m in one of those “Oh, what’s the use” moods, I remember this baby step truth which helps give me the nudge I need. It also makes me smile because it reminds me of the hilarious 1991 movie “What About Bob?”. (If you haven’t seen it, check it out and you’ll see what I mean 😀 )

    Thanks, Dan. Your posts really hit home with me!


  2. Diane, I’m realising more and more how much we have been heavily influenced by TV and advertising in recent decades. It’s like I’m slowly coming out of a dense (consumerist) fog and realising that the way my parents did things, the way all my friends and peers do things, and what they strive for, isn’t the only way.

    Instant gratification is a large part of this, the basic premise of nearly all mainstream advertising being – Unless you buy our product right now this minute you’re life will be miserable and unfulfilled.

    Tiny steps literally CAN get you anywhere. A few bigger leaps in between are always helpful too though. 🙂


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