How To Get The Permission You Need To Be Gloriously Indescribably Creative

Here’s a little quiz:

Question 1. Who’s stopping you from being more creative?

Is it –

a) Your partner?

b) Your parents?

c) Your children?

d) Your boss?

e) Your friends?

f) Your doctor?

g) Your postman?

h) All of the above?

Take a guess at the answer.

If you said anything between the letters a to h, you’re wrong.

Though we often think we’re being held back by other people, ultimately the only person who is stopping you from being as creative as you know you can be (deep down in your heart in that quiet secret space that always knows what’s best for you and that you very very very occasionally have the wisdom to listen to) is you.

The reasons why you’re not letting yourself create freely may be many. But you’re never going to progress past any of them if you keep blaming your lack of creativity on other people, or external forces. Especially those you cannot control. Which is, um, all of them.

image: my permission

As soon as you come clean and admit this, it becomes so much easier to find ways to give yourself that little slip with “It’s ok, you can create now” scrawled upon it indelibly.

Imagine all the reasons you have as to why you can’t be more creative are gathered up in a single room. Yes they’re an ugly, sometimes cruel, sometimes devious bunch of individuals, difficult to deal with on their own, potential cataclysmically destructive when they join forces.

But you have at your disposal a new secret weapon.

Take a piece of paper and a pen. Actually stop reading and go and get them now, don’t just picture doing this in your mind.

Back? Good. Now write on the paper –

Dear (write your name).

You hereby have my full, unadulterated, no limits, no barriers, no excuses permission to be more gloriously indescribably wonderfully creative than you’ve ever been before, starting right this very second. You are completely free to create.

Your sincerely, and with love, (sign your signature).

Feel free to add further words to make this more potent and personal for you.

Just this simple act will flick a switch in your mind, and on some level you will shift to a new understanding about being creative, and a new level of freedom in creating.

You won’t necessarily instantly go and create seventeen masterpieces in the next 24 hours. Although you might, and you could.

But you now have the ultimate permission you need to be creative. There’s no-one else in the whole world you need ask.

In fact the rest of the world is just waiting for you to create anyway. Because what you create, and how you create, is something that no-one else knows how to do. Your audience, and future audiences are awaiting all you have. Don’t let them down.

Wave your permission slip in defiance at that room of goons you gathered up and go out and start creating, in whichever ways you feel the urge to create.

You have your permission.

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2 thoughts on “How To Get The Permission You Need To Be Gloriously Indescribably Creative”

  1. Dan,
    Great post! Funny how we seem to feel we need permission to become all that we can. Creating our lives is all up to us!

    Make it count. Love how freeing your letter is,
    Val πŸ™‚


  2. Thanks Val for your comments.

    It’s often said, but for all of us the ultimate creative project IS our life. You’re right, make it count. πŸ™‚


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