How To Become A Gorgeous Irresistible Red Hot Ideas Magnet

Ideas are absolutely everywhere. But if you’re a creative person who feels that you struggle to come up with a steady stream of good ideas, or to come up with ANY ideas at all, it probably feels like they’re in very scarce supply.

So how can I convince you otherwise? By showing you how to become an irresistible red hot ideas magnet, that’s how.

Giant Magnet
image: zawtowers

Imagine that ideas are people. They’re young, energetic, vibrant, talented people, looking for a fun place to hang out.

But more than that they’re looking for somewhere where they’re going to be taken care of, respected, valued, romanced and adored. The kind of stuff we all like to be on the receiving end of.

So all you have to do, is let these ideas out there roaming the streets (are they are, in their thousands, if not millions) know that they are going to get exactly that kind of treatment when they come to hang out in your creative mind.

Here are 5 of the most crucial areas you need to pay attention to, to attract ideas:

1. Invite them in!

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But so many ideas we have never get past the stage of being just the briefest flash of a thought in our minds. We think we’ll remember them and use them later, but we don’t. They disappear, forever.

It’s like sitting at home with a gorgeous array of food, drink, music and entertainment, desperate to have a party, but when anyone knocks on the door, you just ignore them, instead of inviting them in!

2. Give them a place to belong.

So instead of ignoring these ideas, or in effect turning them away, give them somewhere to settle, to belong. The most common and easiest way is to carry a notebook or ideas book around with you at all times.

Soon as you have a new idea, jot it down in your notebook. This makes your ideas feel valued, welcomed and wanted. Again, if you’re hosting a party, when people arrive you want them to feel you want them there, and that they’re going to have a good time.

3. Accept all-comers, don’t be judgemental.

So often we make a judgement on a new idea, and dismiss it as being too silly, or unrealistic, or unachievable. We don’t even allow our minds to go any further with it.

Sometimes though, the most unconventional or accidental ideas turn out to be the greatest creative projects, and the breakthrough projects that take us to new levels in our art or into exciting new territories. Open your arms and record EVERY idea you have, however they seem at first. Give them a chance.

4. Introduce them to other cool ideas.

To be a place that the best ideas want to come to, you’ve got to have other neat ideas, right? You can have the best venue, food and entertainment in town, but without the right guests (or ANY guests at all) your party’s not going to appeal to anyone.

Again, this is very easy, you simply record all your ideas together in a notebook. Magically they will mingle and integrate, so when you return to an idea, others will instantly shoot off at creative tangents in your mind, ones that weren’t there originally.

5. Give them your full individual attention and affection.

Although ideas love mixing with others and thrive amongst creative company, they each need individual attention too. They each want to feel special.

By focusing on one idea at a time, you give it the best chance to evolve to its full creative potential. If you’re trying to talk to half a dozen people at once, none of them get much from you. Same with ideas. It doesn’t mean you only ever work on one project, but only one at any one time, giving it all you have.

Follow these 5 crucial tips and ideas will swarm to you like never before.

You’ll become a red hot ideas magnet, and find that the more ideas you have, the more ideas you’ll have.

Get your notebook ready, start recording those ideas today. You’re simply irresistible…

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6 thoughts on “How To Become A Gorgeous Irresistible Red Hot Ideas Magnet”

  1. I love these ideas about ideas! My family kids me a little bit that I have too many ideas. I’ve noticed that if I keep writing them down, but only focus on one or two at a time, they become much more successful.

    So little time…so many ideas!


    1. Too many ideas? Oh now that’s a topic for a whole other series of articles. 🙂 Isn’t it a great choice to have though, too many rather then none?

      You’ve nailed it there with what you say about focus Courtney. However many ideas we have, (and we will have many times more than we will ever be able to use in our entire lifetime) if we just focus on one or two at a time, give them the best we have, then we’ll lead a creatively fulfilling life.

      Thanks for your input.


  2. I have the perfect notebook for this. Someone just gave it to me. It has quotes at the top of the page and so gives me something to start with. Thanks so much.
    Gail Manishor


    1. Sounds just right Gail! It’s just about getting into the habit of keeping your notebook with you and writing down the ideas that come. The more you do, the easier it becomes, it’ll be second nature. Thanks for stopping by.


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