The Complete Definitive List Of Everything You Need To Be Unbelievably Creative

image: FirewallJC

How familiar are you with that common affliction of creatives – Ifonlyitus?

Ifonlyitus (pronounced: if-own-lee-i-tus) is where you find yourself creating very little, and instead spending your time and energy saying things like: “If only I had more time, I’d be so much more creative”, “If only I had better ideas I’d be so much more creative” and “If only I had more materials I’d be so much more creative”.

And, maybe: “If only the atmospheric pressure was perfect, I was feeling incredibly healthy and inspired, I was facing the exact right orientation, I had the perfect outfit on, I had crossed every last item off every last to-do list, and the whole world stopped, waited and held its breath for me, then I’d be so much more creative…”

Does this sound like something you’ve maybe experienced now and again?

The problem is, it gets such a habit, we don’t question it. It’s very hard to remember how we were before, when we did create without these endless pre-requisites.

In the grip of a nasty bout of Ifonlyitus, even if we do have the time, the ideas and the materials, we make up some other impossible set of conditions that we proclaim must be met or we cannot be expected to create anything.

In reality, there is a bare minimum amount we need to be able to be creative. Once you have everything on this list, you can finally start to be more creative than you’ve every been before.

Here then is the complete definitive list of everything you need to be unbelievably creative:

1. Everything you already have.

2. Er, there is no 2.

Yep, that’s it.

You already have within you all you will ever need to be creative.

All the time you’re looking for some external condition or object to “complete” you, and finally give you permission to create, you’re sabotaging yourself and your creativity.

You’re already in exactly the right place, and have exactly the right tools, ideas, talents and experience to begin creating right now. Today. This minute.

Trust yourself, there’s an infinite source of imagination and creativity in you.

It’s not just sitting there waiting quietly with its hands folded on its lap. It’s hammering down the doors, breaking every window, screaming to be let out, desperate to do what it does best. Desperate to create.

Give the attention it deserves, that you deserve, that the whole world deserves. There’s nothing more I can say, it’s up to you now.

I know you won’t let us down.

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5 thoughts on “The Complete Definitive List Of Everything You Need To Be Unbelievably Creative”

  1. Is this related to lastminititus? A dose of this always seems to get things moving after a spell of ifonlyitus 🙂


    1. Sooo easy to wait around for the “perfect” conditions and actually convince ourselves that we’re doing the best thing. The irony of procrastination is that the most creative people find the most creative ways of procrastination, often pulling the wool over their own eyes that it’s even happening!

      A reader wrote to me just a couple of days ago after reading something I wrote on procrastination. She said “I can’t believe this is what I’ve been doing for years to avoid creating. I didn’t even know I was doing it, let alone that there’s an actual name for it!” Amazing.

      Thanks for stopping by Adena.


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