How To Find Where Hope Is Hiding

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How hopeful are you?

Our general attitudes from day to day are influenced by our deeper beliefs about the world, and what we focus on over months and years. We develop our own level of positivity (or negativity) based on our past experiences, as well as our future aspirations.

What we listen to, what we absorb and digest each and every day also has a major effect on us, and if our longer term beliefs and aspirations are a mighty sturdy ship sailing into new oceans, then these other day to day influences can be as empowering as a strong tailwind or as hindering as a turbulent storm.

Before we get too dramatically metaphorical, what does this mean in practice?

It means that we can happily be going about our day to day business, and then decide to pick up a newspaper or watch the 6 o’clock news, and in a matter of moments go from being happy go lucky to morbidly miserable about the state of the world.

If we read the right papers and magazines, and if we listen to the right people, we can easily find plenty of evidence of all the tragedies, horrors, disasters and injustices of the world. If that’s what you want to fill your head with, be my guest.

If however, you actually want to do something with your life that is meaningful, and create art and work that you feel is important, you’ll find it hard getting much if it done if you’re drowning in the depression of the daily news.

Similarly, some people (and no doubt you know many) seem to make a favourite past time of complaining, moaning, putting others down and looking for fault in everything. If you spend a lot of time with these people, for a while you can remain buoyant, but then it will start to drag you down.

It’s like trying to swim across an ocean with someone in a lead suit hanging off your ankles.

We have a choice though, in what we expose ourselves to and feed our minds with, and this includes the company we keep.

There is always hope in the world, even if sometimes it seems like it’s doing is best to stay hidden.

The greatest thing about the internet and the way we are connected today is that we don’t have all our news and information fed to us through limited, one dimensional channels like in the past.

Whilst it’s never been compulsory to watch the news or read a daily paper, there haven’t been many positive or inspiring alternatives. But now there are. Thousands, if not millions of them.

You can tailor your personal daily diet of information and inspiration exactly as you want it. There are obvious sites and newsletters like a positive quote for the day, but wider than that, you can listen to and absorb information from anyone you choose.

In the past, even as recent as the early to mid 2000s, as an artist of any kind, is was pretty hard finding like minded people and other artists in your local area. And often if you did, the general undertone was often one of suspicion and competition rather than mutual support and encouragement.

Again this has now all changed.

Whatever you love creating, there’s a collection of websites and connected communities for it online.

People are now choosing to find the others that will encourage them, support them and literally bring daily hope that yes there are other creative people in the world who go through the same struggles and triumphs they do, and also want to make a positive contribution and a difference.

The hope isn’t hiding anymore, you can tune in whenever you want to, it’s right there waiting for you to find it.

This is the kind of hope that will show you beyond doubt that:

– Yes you ARE an artist, even if you don’t have a series of bestselling novels or a string of gallery exhibitions to your name.

– Yes there ARE others in the world who struggle with procrastination, and a fierce inner critic, and unsupportive friends, and never seem able to finish a creative project.

– Yes you CAN create in any way you want to, even if you initially judge it as too ambitious, or unoriginal or silly.

– Yes there ARE people who will support you with no sinister agenda or ulterior motive, and simply because they enjoy seeing other artists thrive.

– Yes there ARE people in the world who need YOUR voice, YOUR creativity, YOUR support and YOUR art to enrich their lives.

Not only is the hope no longer hiding from you, but you can be a crucial part of someone else’s hope.

Reading about your creative struggles and seeing how you overcome them will inspire others and give them hope and encouragement too.

So, the choice is yours.

You can decide to continue to digest the gloom and despair of the daily news, and listen to those people who never have a good word to say about anyone or anything. Or, you can find the hope, bring it out of hiding, and most crucially, be a part of that hope yourself.

There’s a new uprising of hope and creativity online, and we need YOU and your invaluable uniqueness and creativity on board.

Are you with us?


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3 thoughts on “How To Find Where Hope Is Hiding”

  1. I have been told before to stop reading the news, as I agree, it affects me deeply. I also find a lot of media is giving way to oversharing…graphic pictures and video that never would have been published. I find myself thinking after reading the newspaper, “I wish I hadn’t bothered.”

    While I understand the “why” of stopping, I already know too many people that have no clue about what is going on in the world, and are happy living in their little bubble, but I’m not. How do you stay informed about the world, and current events, without following any news? I keep thinking there must be a middle ground somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find it.


    1. Thanks for your comments Kris, that’s a great question.

      I think there is a balance, yes. We can choose to live in a complete bubble up in the mountains or in a monastery or somewhere else that’s cut off completely from civilisation, that is our choice. I would personally question how that helps you contribute to the world in any way. I believe we all have an obligation to look after the world in some way, and it has to begin with our own immediate surroundings, with our friends and neighbours.

      I would say be as good a friend and inspiration as you can at home, then if you are so moved by what you see happening in the world, take action. Whether that action is donating money to a cause, or going to Africa to help build schools, raising awareness of a cause you believe in or anything else, again we have that choice, and to an extent that duty.

      Yes we have to find a balance where we see enough we don’t like about the world to inspire us to make it better on a personal, local, national, international scale, but not drown ourselves in so much depressing news that we feel so numb and defeated we’re unable to help ourselves, let alone anyone else in the world.

      Start where you can have most positive influence I would say, and work outwards from there. I don’t have any answers, that’s just my thoughts on finding that kind of middle ground you’re looking for.


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