The Top 3 Reasons Why You’re A Secret Superhero (And Don’t Even Know It)

While there are some of us who need no encouragement to tell the world how great we are, most of us tend to fall on the other side of the scale.

Instead of acknowledging all the talents and skills we have, and all the amazing stuff we do, we go around comparing ourselves to others, feeling inferior and inadequate, and that we can always do so much more.

Does that sound familiar to you?

Sometimes we try to work out the reasons why, and wonder if only we had more time, or more resources, or more talent or more of a dozen other things, we could be so much better.

But we sell ourselves short. Each of us has unique secret superhero status, and we don’t even know it.

Wonder Woman
image: Yo Mostro

Here are the top 3 reasons why:

1. We do things in our sleep that others couldn’t ever do.

When you’re good at something, through a combination of your natural talents, and a great deal of practice and devotion to developing yourself, you start to take it for granted. It’s just what you you do. Think about the kind of creating that comes most easily to you for example, whether it’s writing or painting or singing or anything else. Think of the ways your creativity just flows out of you like an endless stream that couldn’t be blocked if you wanted to.

Because you do this so easily yourself, you start to assume that everyone else does too. You forget that they don’t, and that it doesn’t come that easily to others. In fact it doesn’t come at all to most people. There are plenty of people who look at what and how you create with great envy. They say things like: “Wow, you’re so clever, I could never do anything like that!” and you reply: “It’s no big deal, it’s just painting/writing/singing/insert-your-greatest-talent-here…”

But to others who don’t (and aren’t able to) express themselves in this way, it’s like a special gift, a superhero power. Don’t forget that. Don’t overlook all the ways you create as easily as other people breathe.

2. We shoot for the moon, and often reach the stars.

It occurred to me that the people I aspire to surround myself with online, and the people I follow and who inspire me, all achieve, in my eyes, great things. What they create and do makes me see them as very capable, determined and talented people. That’s why I follow them, because they make me see what it’s possible for us to achieve.

The downside to this, which we easily forget, is that when we have highly talented and motivated people all around us, we think this is the norm, or that these are average people. We start to compare ourselves, and even though we too are doing plenty of great stuff and ever evolving in who we are and what we create, we look up to those we aspire to and often feel we fall short.

The reality is this group of people aren’t “the norm”, they’re highly exceptional. They’re not the average person in the street, they are in the top few percent of the population that are following their dreams. To be even close to them yourself is a brilliant achievement. Keep being inspired by them, but remember by mixing in such company you’re already doing more than the majority of the world.

3. We create so much more than we think we do.

Because we’re with ourselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we often lose perspective and objectivity on what we’re doing and how we’re progressing. Ironically, the more we do, the greater the disparity becomes between all we’ve done, and what we think we’ve done.

A good way of keeping up with all you do is to have a regular mini review, maybe every 3 or 6 months. Just take the time to retrace this last period of time and tally up all the progress you’ve made, all the different ways you’ve created, all the projects you’ve working on, all the things you’ve written, all the books you’ve read and so on.

You will realise it’s SO much more than you thought it was. For example, I’m currently writing 750 words a day (this post is today’s entry) and though that doesn’t seem like very much in itself, over 7 days that’s 5250 words, over 30 days it’s 22,500 words, and over a year it’s 273,750 words. That’s at least a couple of novels worth of words! Think of all the stuff YOU do each day in all the different areas of your creative life – and your life in general – and give yourself credit for how much you consistently do.

These 3 reasons alone show why you are so much more creative than you think you are, and why you have powers that others see as superheroic!

Don’t keep them a secret, and don’t underestimate yourself and all you do. You’re amazing!

Now get that cape on and head for the sky…

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4 thoughts on “The Top 3 Reasons Why You’re A Secret Superhero (And Don’t Even Know It)”

  1. Dan,

    I think you have shared something that all of us would do good to reflect on — especially in those “not feeling so hot about ourselves” times.

    A simple tool here to self evaluate, give credit where credit is due, and keep moving forward.

    Thank you for this meaningful post, Dan.

    — Live. Learn. Grow. Influence. —



    1. Thanks for your comments Lee.

      Giving credit to ourselves, even acknowledging how creative we are is sometimes difficult, as we forget how much we get done in even a short time. And yes, always keep moving forward…



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