7 Reasons You Can’t Afford NOT To Find Your Creative Tribe

For most of us who create, the majority of our artwork is created in isolation. This is what we need to get focused, to find our flow, to be able to pour out all that’s smouldering inside us desperate to be released into the world.

It’s so much more difficult to do this with other people and other distractions diluting our focus, so it makes sense to dedicate regular time alone to immerse ourselves in creating.

The flip side of creating alone though is we can start to feel that no-one else evens knows we’re creating at all. Or worse still that no-one even cares.

However much any of us might insist we create just for ourselves (and this is definitely the person you should be creating for), we all enjoy and benefit from the encouragement of others.

Having a couple of well meaning supportive friends or family members is much appreciated, but if they don’t create themselves, if they don’t “get” why you need to create as often and as deeply as you do – as often as most people need to intake water and oxygen – then the support doesn’t always help.

This is why we need our own creative tribe. People like us.

group hug
image: 3liz4

Here are 7 reasons why you can’t afford NOT to find your own creative tribe:

1. Your tribe is full of creative people like you. They know the joys of creating and the struggles. They understand first hand how it feels to be crippled by perfectionism or have their hopes decimated by their inner critic. They get how important creating is, that it’s not just some “nice little hobby”, but a core part of you and your personality. As a creative artist, you need other creative artists alongside you as travelling companions for this adventure.

2. Your tribe will feed and magnify your ideas. Once you mix with artists from different creative forms, there becomes a sharing of ideas, and you take on new outlooks. We each see creative ideas through our own eyes, our own ways of expressing ourselves. By seeing them through other people’s eyes, this fresh perspective can take your own ideas to different levels and exciting new directions. Plus, your way of seeing and creating will inspire others in the same way.

3. Your tribe won’t judge you.
They encourage you to experiment, to share half finished pieces, works in progress and fragments of ideas. They won’t criticise you for not having completed a project in two hours flat, or expect everything you create to be instantly perfect. They understand and will support your whole creative process, not just demand you be a machine that spits out perfect masterpieces without breaking sweat. Because they’re real, creative, human artists, just like you.

4. Your tribe is greater than the sum of its parts. Put a dozen creative people in isolation, give them a project brief, and a day to create something, then yes it’s likely they’ll all come up with something interesting. But allow those people to feel that they’re all part of a community creating around the same theme, and even without working directly together, knowing that support and camaraderie is there takes everyone in the group to new levels of motivation and creativity. You’re creating not just for you, but for the whole tribe. That is powerful.

5. Your tribe is always there for you. Anytime you’re struggling to create, just make contact with your tribe, and someone, somewhere will be there listening. Someone, somewhere will be going through a similar experience, or will have done recently, and can genuinely empathise with you. Your tribe gets that creating is not a passing fad for you, it’s embedded in you, and they’re right beside you because it’s embedded in them just as deeply. Knowing that they’re on your side and always listening is a huge comfort and inspiration.

6. Your tribe need your support too. Just a few words of encouragement from someone you know is genuinely on your side and has your best intentions at heart can make a major difference, especially at times where your confidence is shaky. Being able to offer this back to others, and hearing what a positive impact it made, is hugely gratifying and inspiring. You’re actually helping another artist in the world be more creative, be more themselves. It becomes a feeling you want again and again.

7. Your tribe is the secret ingredient you’ve never before had. However creative you are (or aren’t) on your own, being a part of a creative community will raise your game, will make you feel finally that you’re not the weird kid or the odd one out, for having the creative urges you have. You’ll feel yourself, and feel good about being yourself. It’s the secret ingredient that you didn’t have before when you struggled creating on your own, the ingredient that will make a dramatic difference in what, when, how, and how often you create.

These are just some of the top reasons you can’t afford NOT to find your own creative tribe.

If you’ve never experienced this kind of non-judgmental, unequivocal support and encouragement to just create in the best way you can create before, you’ve been missing out.

Today it’s easier than it’s ever been before to find a creative community that’s right for you. I’d love to welcome you to ours – CoachCreativeSpace – and see if it’s the tribe you and your creativity have been looking for without knowing.

Once you’ve found your creative tribe, you’ll wonder how you ever created anything without them before.

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5 thoughts on “7 Reasons You Can’t Afford NOT To Find Your Creative Tribe”

    1. Exactly, we need to know there are others like us, we need to belong. We need to support other artists as much as we need their support too.

      Great to see you’ve just joined us at CoachCreativeSpace Rebecca. πŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting.


  1. Yes we all need to communicate with others with like-minded-ness….in order to encourage one another. Someone else can always see a different perspective on art or writing. We need each other today.


  2. I think one of the things you left out β€” an eighth secret, if you will β€” is that a creative tribe encourages you to widen your skills beyond just the one set of tools and mindsets that brought you into creative life in the first place.

    It’s not just about belonging to the tribe of creative people who work like you do. It’s also about growing one another’s skills and developing talents beyond the ordinary. Your tribe takes in your paintings but then wants to know, “where is the poem that goes with this painting?”


    1. That’s a great one to add Andrew! I know from our CCS community I’ve tried new art forms like collage, ATCs, some metalwork and mixed media journaling, all for the first time. It’s the encouragement of others, and that we set up and take part in creative projects together, that motivates us to try new art forms, like you say.

      Thanks for your thought provoking comment.


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