Fear Of Sailing

Sailing into the sunset
image: eirasi

Recently I wrote about How To Create Space For The Beautiful Life That’s Waiting.

I asked you to look at your life as if it were a harbour, and ask whether your harbour was a beautiful open water with the sunlight dancing across the surface, welcoming in ships from lands near are far that pass by.

Or whether instead your harbour was packed full of decaying vessels, with cracked paintwork, torn sails and frayed nets, of no use to you, serving no purpose anymore, just remnants of something past that you haven’t yet let go of.

It’s certainly true that we hold on to the past – possessions, thoughts, beliefs, relationships – even though they’re no longer relevant and do nothing but hold us back.

But what if some of these tired ships in your harbour have deteriorated because they haven’t had the attention they deserve?

What if they are some of the most wonderful ships you’ve ever sailed in, but you just got scared of the ocean?

What if all they needed was a lick of paint, a few minor repairs, a big dose of courage and a few armfuls of passion to push out to sea again, with you aboard and destined for exotic lands, the most incredible lands you’ve ever known?

What if the only reason they’ve been left to rot in your harbour is not because they’re not relevant to your life anymore and not helping you move forward, but because they’re so important you just got scared to sail in them.

They had so much potential to take you safely to better lands and better times, that you lost your nerve and hid them amongst all the other boats in your harbour, hoping they might sink, hoping they might disappear and not be a constant reminder of all you’re afraid to do?

What if you’re just too afraid to sail?

Just a thought.

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4 thoughts on “Fear Of Sailing”

  1. Very relevant to me. Hope you’ll expand on this and give some tips on finding that courage to set sail. Fear of success is as big a fear as fear of failure.



  2. Me too Julie. One of those posts that are as relevant to the author as anyone who reads it.

    Yes definitely will be a follow up post or two. Stay tuned, and thank for commenting.



  3. This is true for me with music. It’s so important to me that I’ve become afraid to pick up my guitar because I can’t do it justice. Which looks silly in print! I’ve pulled my instruments out of storage and am hoping to get the courage in the coming days. I was embarrased to see they had dust on them. So they are very much like a ship that just needs a good coat of paint and a vote of confidence. Thank you for the reminder.


    1. Must confess I have a novel like that Kristin. Too overwhelming to read even, let alone try to get my head around so I can write the next part. Good luck with the music making, and thanks for your input.


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