Are You Tasting The Sun Or Just Chasing The Fog?

Chasing The Fog

Early this morning, driving through the glorious rural countryside around where I live, there were the most beautiful mists across the low fields.

As the sun peeped through the clearing clouds, it slowly seeped its warmth throughout the mists, and they seemed to almost glow with a light of their own. It was breathtaking.

I stopped to take some photos, then drove a little further along the lane and found an even better vista. So I stopped again for more shots.

Literally a few seconds along the road, another, even more ethereal and beautiful view stretched into the distance, so I took even more pictures.

Driving back I thought about how I’d been chasing the fog, enticed by its light and mystery, drawn ever closer by each new landscape delicately draped in a haze of tiny droplets, shimmering and enchanting like an elegant woman in her finest garments at a society ball a few centuries ago…

But it was an illusion of course.

The scene may have been beautiful, but the source of the light was not within the fog itself, but the sun. The water droplets were merely reflecting the sunlight back, not creating light of their own.

And so it is with much of what we chase in our lives.

We’re not focusing on what’s most important, what really matters. Instead we’re seduced by what’s shiny and glimmering and eye catching, and has the most attractive surface appeal.

We’re distracted so easily from creating what matters, and fool ourselves – firstly into believing this latest object/tool/gadget/person is the answer to all our problems and creative dissatisfaction, and secondly telling ourselves we don’t know what would REALLY make us happy, or what’s really important.

We do know. I know, you know.

Deep down, when we take the time to look and to listen, we know what we need to be focusing on.

We know when we’re tasting the real source of the sunlight, and we know when we’re just chasing the fog.

Be honest with yourself. What do you really need to create? What keeps calling you time and time again, even if you try to ignore or pretend you can’t hear?

Stop chasing the fog.

Open your arms, open your heart, welcome in the sun.

How To Get Focused And Create What Matters

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Thanks for reading. : )

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