Why Every Great Creative Idea You Will Ever Have Is Already Dead And Buried

Even Your Lips Cannot Wake Me

We all have creative ideas, and whilst there are ways we can encourage them to flow more easily, there’s no way of actually turning them off completely.

This is of course a very good thing.

Every artist needs a supply of new ideas, or old, familiar, important ideas reappearing in new outfits to be danced with again, only this time a little closer and for a little longer.

But there can’t be any dancing, or any of anything if those ideas are dead and buried before you even have them.

“Why – and how – can my ideas already be dead?” – you might be wondering? It sounds a strange concept.

Because if you never make use of your creative ideas – if you never give them the attention, focus, time and energy they need to evolve into the incredible projects they’re capable of being – then is there any point in even giving birth to them in the first place?

It’s like taking your pet dog to a butcher shop window, letting them salivate over all the delicious fresh meats they could be getting their teeth into, then taking them home again and giving them dry broken biscuits again. It’s downright cruel.

If you wouldn’t do that to an animal, why do you put yourself and your ideas through a similar kind of torture, promising so much possibility, then abandoning them before they’ve even had a chance to lick the butcher’s window…

There is, however, another way.

A way that means that your ideas are not only given birth to, but given the best possible care and love and nurturing so they have their greatest chance of flourishing into amazing creative works of art.

That other way can be summed up in a single word.


Without focus, you’ll never get anywhere with any of your ideas. Order the tombstone and call up the undertakers already.

When you DO get focused though, when you gather up all your creative energy and forces, and concentrate them in intense bursts of creativity, you can achieve many times more than you believe you can.

With focused creativity you can feel invincible, unstoppable, like a superhero, ready to take on the world even before breakfast.

And it becomes addictive. The more you create, the more creative you feel, and the more you want to create. It all begins to flow like nothing you’ve felt before.

You can learn focus.

The basic elements are these:

Pick one thing. Set dedicated, regular time aside. Eliminate all distractions. Create.

Stop killing your ideas before they’ve even formed.

Give them, give you, give us ALL a chance to see what invincible you looks like, a chance to see what you can REALLY create…

How To Get Focused And Create What Matters

If getting focused is something you struggle with in your creative life, you might like to check out my forthcoming ebook – How To Get Focused And Create What MattersA Practical Guide for Choosing Your Best Ideas and Bringing Them To Completion.

It does pretty much what it says on the cover.

I’d like to invite you to join the Priority List list now to get access before it’s released publicly.

And if you enjoyed this post, please share it with others you think would too.

Thanks for reading. : )

5 thoughts on “Why Every Great Creative Idea You Will Ever Have Is Already Dead And Buried”

  1. What ever the project, it requires focus to turn it into the creation we had in our mind. It’s
    like giving birth to me, and each project gets my full attention from conception to the project
    finish and I’m ready to introduce it to the world, proud of my creation.
    While working on one project I may have new ideas pop into my head, I jot in a “work ideas”
    note book little notes to help remember what I was thinking about. I also keep an other note book with a list of carving projects I have orders for or that I’ve decided to give birth to with all the details. I do the same thing when I come up with writing ideas for short stories or poetry ideas.
    I also take a little note book with me where ever I go to write a poem that comes to me or ideas for another project.
    Works for me!


    1. Love it Alexa! Using notebooks like that is very effective. Especially when you’re focusing on just one project and other ideas inevitably pop into your head. Basically two choices – you can take 20 seconds to jot down the idea in a notebook to come back to a later date, or try to ignore it and carry on with main project in hand. This second option doesn’t work because a) the best ideas keep coming back and nagging you until you listen to them anyway, and b) you can’t give your full attention to the main project if part of your mind is spiraling off elsewhere with a different idea.

      I have some of my best ideas when I’m in the midst of doing something else, maybe something completely unconnected. I do the same – jot the idea down to come back to later and stay focused on what I’m doing…


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