Creating The Freedom To Create Your Own Freedom To Create

Mountain Freedom

How free do you feel in your creativity? Are you able to create whatever you want, however you want, as often as you want?

No? I didn’t think so.

Most of us feel frustrated from not being able to be as creative as we want to be, and this feeling, at its worst, can lead us to throwing our towels in the ring and giving up even trying to create anything anymore.

“If I can’t create like I want to, what’s the point of creating at all, it’ll only be a disappointing, half baked compromise”
, is the kind of attitude it’s easy to develop.

Creative freedom though comes from a deep seated place within you. You have to create the freedom to create the freedom to create.

Let’s unravel what this means.

Essentially there are three parts here, three steps.

Step 1. First, you need to give yourself freedom to actually pursue the creative life you want to lead. If you have inner beliefs that fundamentally contradict the idea of creative freedom, that tell you you don’t deserve it, or shouldn’t have it, then there will always been this conflict and disparity within you.

This can all be summed up in a single word. Permission. If you’re not giving yourself permission to pursue a creative life, to explore your creative talents and all you have burning within you to share with the world, then rather than setting the world ablaze, your creativity’s simply going to die inside you, leaving nothing but a sorrowful charred heap of ash.

Step 2. Once you’ve acknowledged the beliefs that have been holding you back from being able to create, once you’ve given your creativity the green light, the next stage is to create habits and structures that will let you express your creativity regularly, easily and authentically.

Imagine a six year old kid saying: “Dad I really want to be a great football player, how do I do it?” His father first needs to say something like: “Ok son, that’s brilliant, you have my permission and full support. Let’s find a team you can join and go practice with every week.” With creating, the best way to be consistently creative, is to consistently create. Sounds obvious, but it needs to be stated. Create a little each and every day and you’ll give your creativity the best chance possible of reaching its full glorious potential.

Step 3. You have permission, and you’ve put habits in place that allow you to build your creativity muscles and create as abundantly as possible. Now all that’s left is to choose what’s most important to you, and create what matters. In the example with our six year old budding football star, this step is him saying: “I love playing in defence, that’s my best position, and I want to help the team win the league this year.”

This is about stating what matters to you, then getting focused and bringing it into being. Of course you still maintain your daily creative habits, these are what got you to this position and are giving you the freedom to create. Only now you actually choose one project, remove all other distractions, give it your complete creative energy and focus and create the best you can create.

As you can see, being at your most creative and creating what really matters doesn’t involve a single simple decision.

First we have to create the freedom (give ourselves permission) to create the freedom (using powerful daily habits) to create what’s most important (the ideas and projects most meaningful to you).

Do you have these three key steps in place? If not, what can you do today to move you closer?

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2 thoughts on “Creating The Freedom To Create Your Own Freedom To Create”

  1. This is a beautiful post. You’ve reminded me to stay on the journey I started 20 years ago when I walked away from a legal career to become a writer. Three published books and a lot of lean time later, I’m still forging a path, utterly committed to living a life of creative freedom. But I do have those wavering moments. So thank you for knocking the wobble out of my day. 🙂


    1. Thanks Ande, for your comments.

      What an inspiring line – “I’m still forging a path, utterly committed to living a life of creative freedom”. Congratulations to you, and may you enjoy all the freedom your commitment and creativity deserves. 😀


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