Why You’ll Never Get The Support Your Creativity So Desperately Needs

Group Hug
image: Water Lemon

Whoever you are, and however you create, there’s nothing like having the support of other creative people.

Fellow artists who don’t just say try to say nice but empty things to encourage you, but who actually KNOW what it’s like to create, at both ends of the scale.

The unbridled joy of being in full creative flow, blissfully oblivious of time and space.

The soul sickening energy sucking creative blocks that leave us wondering if we’ll ever create again.

And everything in between.

The problem for many of us is that we don’t let people know that:

a) We’re artists and creating is a fundamental part of our personality and life


b) We need support sometimes. Ok, lots of times.

We declare ourselves members of some secret society of artists who must never so much as whisper in the company of others that we write and photograph and sketch and sculpt and sing. We certainly wouldn’t ever actually CREATE in public, for fear that our sinful secret might get out.

This is why you will never get the support your creativity needs.

The kind of encouragement, understanding and onward cheering that would mean the difference between struggling endlessly in isolation, and creating freely amongst a creative tribe who knows and GETS why you need to create, and heartily nurtures those needs.

This morning I had a walk in the snow, because my car was buried under about ten inches of it and wasn’t going anywhere. About a mile into my three and a half mile journey into town, I was offered a lift by a kind stranger in a jeep. I accepted and he took me the next mile and half or so, discussing the ups and downs of the kind of heavy snowfall we’ve seen this week brings.

If I’d have driven in on another day, I wouldn’t have met this person, we wouldn’t have shared that brief journey, we wouldn’t have had that interaction.

I’m not saying it was mind altering, life changing conversation, but nonetheless, trapped in my bubble of metal and glass alone, it wouldn’t have happened, I’d have been in solitary isolation.

This is exactly what you’re doing when you don’t tell anyone of your creative needs.

It’s like going around, not just in a car, but more like a black armoured vehicle with dark tinted windows so no-one can ever see the driver, let alone communicate with her.

But you don’t have to be the lonely artist like this anymore.

In the past, where genuine creative support was a distant dream, and everyone you knew saw your creative work as a “cute little hobby” at best, and at worst a complete waste of time, you learned to be guarded and protective and gradually withdrew from an open creative life more and more. It’s understandable why.

These days though, thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever before to connect with other artists who are into the same kind of stuff that you and I are into.

There are supportive, stimulating, inspiring creative communities just waiting to welcome you with open arms and a fresh new canvas to be a part of their tribe, and to help you start to release some of that incredible creativity all balled up inside you with nowhere to go.

Reach out, take a risk, and check out some creative communities yourself.

You’ll find that not only do you get amazing support yourself for your own work, you’re also in a position to help and encourage others going through similar struggles and celebrations, which in itself is highly rewarding.

I’d love to invite you to come over to CoachCreativeSpace, our own creative community and find out for yourself what led one member to recently tell us:

“I never dreamed I would make the wonderful friends that I now can’t imagine not having in my life… My artistic output has quadrupled, my quality has improved, and my satisfaction and happiness with the whole creative process and life in general has improved immeasurably…”

It’d be brilliant to help you find that same kind of support yourself.

Stop hiding, come out of the shadows and let us help you become as creative as you know deep down you can be.

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