Living Your Creative Dream – Why You’re Further Than You Think And Braver Than You Believe

Morning Mists

If I were to ask you what your dream life would be like, how far would it be from where you are?

Your first reaction is likely to be: “Absolutely MILES away – I’m not even close to where I want to be!”

AND you could probably give me plenty of reasons why your creative life – and the rest of your life – are not what you would like them to be.

You don’t yet make a fortune from your art, you don’t create for ten hours a day, you don’t have your own studio, you haven’t published your seven novel series, and so on.

But take a closer look at the fine details.

I’m willing to bet that your “distant” dreams are actually far closer than you think. In fact, many are already around you, embracing you here today.

When we have goals and aspirations, we tend to make them as alluring and amazing as possible, because then they’re going to motivate us to get there. It makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense though, is having your sights set so firmly on the distant horizon that you don’t see the beauty right under your nose.

It’s like going to one of the most beautiful natural places on Earth, then sitting down closing your eyes and saying: “I can’tย  WAIT to come back here next Spring, it’ll be so wonderful, I wish I could time travel forward to there right now…”

Forget about the future, you ARE here right now! Open your senses and enjoy what’s around you!

Maybe you haven’t yet written and published your seven novels, but you have written a little each day for the last three months, thousands of words worth. You’re an artist, creating art, you’re living the creative life, on your terms.

Maybe you don’t yet have your own studio, but you’ve converted that area of your back room into your own personal creative space and happily create for hours there, lost in your own world, content with all you need.

Take another close look at your life and you’ll realise how close to your dreams you are.

A useful exercise to do is to have a mini review every month of what you’ve created, how you’ve evolved, and what you’ve enjoyed. It’ll ALWAYS be more than you think.

You’re further than you think along your own particular path, and braver than you believe.

Again, you might not paint five pictures a week, but by working on one steadily and regularly for eight weeks, you’ll have six new works of art in your collected body of work at the end of the year. And you’ll be six paintings more creative, six paintings more accomplished, six paintings more experienced, all of which you can take on to your next six paintings.

I have a personal dream that includes working only on what I love, inspiring hundreds and thousands artists across the world, earning multiple streams of income, being free to go away for weekend trips to explore mountains and cultural European cities whenever I want and having all the things I need in life.

When I stopped for long enough to look recently, I realised I AM doing those things.

I write, dance, photograph, cook and practice yoga many times a week, many of these I do every day.

Our creative community CoachCreativeSpace is nearly 850 artists strong now, and with readers of A Big Creative Yes like you, and readers of my Create Create! ezine, I do reach thousands of artists.

I have in place at least five income streams, and plans for more that each can be grown from a trickle at first to a flood.

I’ve been away twice this year – to Paris and the Black Mountains in Wales – both amazing places, and this is more than I’ve ever been away in one year.

I am living my creative dream. It’s already around me.

And I’m sure that when you look a little more closely, you’re already living your creative dream too.

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9 thoughts on “Living Your Creative Dream – Why You’re Further Than You Think And Braver Than You Believe”

  1. Finding that sense of balance between the progress you’ve made and the goal that you want to achieve is difficult. Sometimes getting a reminder that we are “that much closer” is all the encouragement that we need. Good Post.


    1. Plus, remembering to enjoy what we create and achieve as we’re doing it is so important too, otherwise we can get trapped in a state of endlessly chasing something, and never appreciate anything we do or have around us. Thanks Koby.


    1. Thanks for your comment Danielle. Yes, because we’re so close to ourselves, we lose objectivity and don’t realise how much progress we do make, and how much good we already have in our lives. ๐Ÿ™‚


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