How To Be A Real Artist And Stop Feeling Like A Fake And A Fraud

Fake Mini
image: twelves

I’m really scared that one day I’m going to get found out. That the truth will be revealed that I can’t really write at all, whether it’s prose or poems or blog posts.

I live in terror of being held up as a charlatan, an imposter, a fraud, and the gathered community of the whole entire world will mock and laugh at how I ever thought I’d get away with it…

“A writer? What??! An artist? YOU??!!!” they’ll all scream before collapsing into howls of laughter…

Ever feel like this with what YOU create?

It’s not as uncommon a feeling as you might think, and anyone who creates any piece of art they’re pleased with, at some point will likely have this kind of fear of being found out as a fraud, and not a “real” artist at all.

It’s a deep seated fear that can cripple our ability to create.

We figure that the only way to avoid being seen as not real or a fraud – in fact the only way to avoid the possibility of being criticised in any way whatsoever – is to just stop creating.

That’s the safe option.

So then, once we give up creating, we can breathe a huge sigh of relief and happily resume our lives. Right?

No. It’s simply not an option at all for you and I.

Because creating is fun-da-men-tal to our beings and our daily lives. You know, on the same scale as other essential little things like breathing, eating and sleeping.

Being creative and expressing ourselves through what we create isn’t an occasional neat little hobby to do on wet weekends, something we can drop and pick up again on a whim whenever we wish.

It’s tattooed on our inner psyche. It’s carved in our DNA. It’s emblazoned in our souls.

Slice through your abdomen, and in the cross section your spine, in tiny letters running round the edge and right the way through like a piece of sticky pink seaside rock, will be the words:

I am an artist. I need to create.

Hiding isn’t an option. NOT creating is unthinkable. We need to step up, stand up, and create.

We need to shatter those fears and do whatever it takes. Our lives depend upon it. Other peoples lives depend upon it.

Remember that little fear of being fraud? It’s time to overcome that and get on with creating what matters.

We can disarm it in a moment with one simple truth.

The only way you CAN be a fraud is to not be true to yourself, to not create what’s in you bursting your seams to be created.

The only way you CAN be seen as fake, as not being a real artist, is if you don’t bring into being YOUR unique art.

The art that only you can make, with the talents that only you have been given.

The art that people can only be moved and inspired and touched by if it’s made by you, whatever it looks, feels, sounds or tastes like.

Only you can create what you create, how you create it. You must be true to that, you must be true to us, your waiting audience.

We need you to destroy your fears, and create what you need to create.

It’s time to prove this fear of being a fraud isn’t going to hold us back.

Are you with me? Are you ready to create?


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