Why Your Natural State Is To Abundantly Create

Endlessly, Endlessly, Within You She Will Rise
image: dancoachcreative

So often we seem to be chasing magic solutions and secrets to increasing our creativity.

That elusive tip or technique that will FINALLY allow you to find a way to be more creative than you ever thought possible. It must be out there somewhere, surely, if you read enough books and articles, speak to enough experts, and take enough courses?

The problem with this whole approach is that it’s all about looking externally, for something to add to your life to help increase your creativity.

The reality is you can’t go and buy the ultimate creativity potion off the shelf of any store, or on any website. It’s not available to purchase from anywhere.

Because it’s already within you.

No-one knows the magic formula for abundant creativity except you.

But to even begin to discover all the details of this formula that’ll add up to a super creative you, you have to believe a couple of things.

See if you believe them already:

1. You have to believe that you have within you all the creativity and creative potential you will ever need.

This doesn’t mean that if you decide you want to become a violin virtuoso that your until now dormant musical talent will suddenly spring forth overnight and you’ll be the darling of national orchestras within weeks.

It simply means you believe that whatever ideas you have, you’ll find ways of developing them in a way that is highly creative, and completely unique to you.

You’ll be able to connect with the world through your art, and share it with those who need to experience it most.

This will develop over time, as you evolve as an artist, it won’t be instant. But believing in that potential within you – that it already exists in some form – is absolutely crucial if you’re to be anywhere near as creative as you want to be and can be.

2. You have to believe that being highly creative is your natural, default state.

This is probably even more important than number one above. It means that you’re not constantly trying to find new things to add to your life to be more creative, it means recognising what’s already there in you, and allowing yourself to return to your natural state.

If you imagine your creativity as a river, you don’t have to go out and find fresh water to pump down it the whole time.

The water is already there, always has been there, and always will be there.

All you need to do is to keep the river clean, to remove any obstructions and let it flow whichever way it wants to. Yes, there will be seasons when the water is higher, and seasons when it’s lower, but the river will always be flowing.

So what do YOU believe about being creative?

Do you think it’s something you have to become, to keep chasing, something you need to find and learn by constantly seeking to add new tools and techniques to your creative life?

Or do you already believe – no, you already KNOW – that being highly creative is your natural, default state, and the key to being at your most creative is to remove the blockages?

Finding your natural creativity means wading out into the river and clearing away the broken branches, the rusty old bicycles, the leaking toxic oil drums and the decades’ worth of fallen rotting leaves, and letting that river flow as fiercely as it was intended to.

The different in these two beliefs – and which you choose to take as your own – will be the difference between being fairly, averagely, moderately creative, or giving the world the full technicolour glorious gift of your creativity at its most abundant and most incredible.

It’s your choice. Please choose your beliefs well, for all of our sakes.


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2 thoughts on “Why Your Natural State Is To Abundantly Create”

    1. Thanks DJ, I’m trying to use more of my own photos for the blog posts, as you know. 🙂

      Let me know how the river clearing goes…


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