5 Ways You’re Highly Creative But Completely Ignoring

The elephant in the room
image: CraigGrocott

You’re more creative than you think you are. Far more. At least double, triple, maybe ten times more. Trust me.

How do I know? What gives me the confidence to make these claims when I don’t even know you?

Because based upon my experiences with the creative people that I meet, and talk with by email, and especially within our CCS community, this has always been the case.

I have never had someone come to me and say:

“Dan I am just SO creative, it is gushing from me, I can give you a dozen different ways I’ve been creative today.”

Not that I haven’t met anyone that easily COULD say this to me, such is the diversity and depth of their creativity. I have met and know hundreds of highly creative people.

Hey, you’re one of them!

So to help you realise just how creative you are in all kinds of ways you’ve been completely ignoring (and in the meantime telling yourself you never create anything), here are 5 of the most overlooked:

1. You’re creative with your social events. Everyone from time to time organises social events of some kind, whether they’re birthday surprises, kid’s parties, days out, or just a simple dinner or evening in for two of you.

You might dismiss this as not particularly creative, but these kind of events give us some of the best feelings and the longest lasting memories of our lives. I’m sure you’ve been a part of social events you have very fond recollections of.

By organising these yourself, you’re creating the opportunities for others to have these kind of lovely experiences and warm memories too. And that’s very creative.

2. You’re creative in your relationships. This is an unbelievably overlooked area, and being in the relationships that you’re in – the relationships that you have played a huge part in building and nurturing – is one of the most creative things any of us can do.

We’re all involved in relationships with partners, lovers, parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues, the list goes on. Each of these requires energy and dedication and creativity from both parties to be fulfilling.

No-one can create a relationship on their own, it takes at least two people, that’s the definition of a relationship. You put far more into creating yours than I bet you ever give yourself credit for.

3. You’re creative with your food.
I don’t mean you play with your food and spell out poems with number spaghetti. Though maybe this is an activity most of us could benefit from enjoying far more often.

Every meal you make takes some kind of creative effort. Like the social events, the creating is not just in the food itself, though that is an art form in its own right.

Each time you make a nutritious meal for yourself, you’re contributing to your health and well being, and enjoyment of life. Each time you create a meal for someone else too, you’re contributing to their health and their happiness. There are few pleasures simpler and more enjoyable than having someone make you dinner or bake you cookies. It’s so creative.

4. You’re creative in your home. The home you live in is to some extent a reflection of you and your personality. You might be very into interiors and design and have a home that people ooh and aah over and expect to see in lifestyles magazines, and of course that’s very creative.

But more important is creating a home that feels like home for the people who live in it. It’s not just about the furniture and the wallpaper, it’s the whole atmosphere and surroundings, every little element.

By contributing your own influence on your home, making it a safe, welcoming place, you’re helping to enhance the lives and happiness of all who live there and pass through. That sounds a very noble way of creating to me.

5. You’re creative with your gifts. Maybe at Christmas and birthdays you just buy everyone vouchers or give them cash. and let them choose their own presents. But that’s highly unlikely, given how creative you are in other areas of your life.

Have you ever chosen a gift that someone has been almost moved to tears over, because it’s been so well thought out, so right for them? Maybe you’ve handmade something – a card, a book, a picture or anything else – and given as a gift?

I’d be the first to say that simply having loads of fancy stuff isn’t going to make anyone happy for long, but to receive something thoughtful, useful and/or handmade by the giver is a wonderful feeling. You’ve done this, and will again, and that’s a beautiful use of your creativity.

Of course these are just 5 common examples. There are so many others.

I’m sure now you’ve read those it’s triggering off other thoughts in your mind, other ways you’re creative.

Being creative is not simply about making traditional art like paintings, music or novels.

Being truly creative infuses everything you do, the way you think, see, feel and interact with the world.

The greatest thing you’re creating is your life, your happiness, and the happiness and lives of those close to you.

So stop doubting yourself and selling your talents and creativity short. You’re so much more creative than you thought you were 5 minutes ago. Are we agreed?


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5 thoughts on “5 Ways You’re Highly Creative But Completely Ignoring”

  1. “Being truly creative infuses everything you do” Beautifully said, this is so easy to forget. Creativity viewed like that opens up whole new worlds to explore.

    I’m all for spaghetti poems–they sound great. I love the idea of writing a plate full of poems and then eating them!


  2. Dan, this is a superb reminder of how much responsibility we have in creating our lives, not just our art. You’ve reminded me of things I’ve disconnected from, which means I’ve disconnected from myself. Being aware of this, I can take steps to change it.

    Once in a while, I come across a post that just has to be printed on paper. This is one of those posts.

    Thank you.


    1. CJ, thanks for your comments, that’s so interesting what you say about when you’re disconnected from things you do and enjoy, you’re disconnected from yourself. Hadn’t thought of it that literally, thank you.


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