3 Ways To Magically Find More Energy To Be More Creative

Energy Stream
image: Joe Skinner

Most of us believe that we have a finite amount of energy each day, and we must carefully monitor and ration it so we get everything done that we need to, without collapsing from exhaustion before we’ve even reached lunchtime.

A significant factor in how much energy we have is down to three core elements that everyone needs – sleep, food and exercise.

And by honouring these needs as best we can, we can give ourselves as much energy as possible, and lead as healthy a life as possible.

But beyond these obvious needs we all have, what if your energy wasn’t limited, that you weren’t just given a little battery of energy each day and when it ran out, that was it, you had no choice but to rest until some returned?

What if there was a way you could magically increase your energy beyond those apparent limits?

Well the great news is we can increase our energy, and we’re in control of it far more than we might think.

There are three crucial elements we can look at and fine tune to help us have more energy for creating.

First, we can choose tasks and projects that actually give us energy, rather than take it away.

Think of the times when you’ve been creating something you’re incredibly excited about and completely immersed in. Time flies by – an hour passes in what seems like minutes – and you lose track of where you are, even who you are.

By choosing the artwork and the projects most important to us, and even more importantly, by letting go of many of those that aren’t as important, we can summon up energy that we didn’t know we had.

Take a quick look at the current projects you have on the go.

How many fit into the category of: “I cannot WAIT to get creating this project again, and I get so excited and immersed in it, it’s almost like I have superhuman energy and enthusiasm when I’m working on it…”?

How many fit into a category that looks more like: “I suppose I’d better try to finish this project sometime, if I can muster up even a little bit of motivation and drag myself through it, it might not be too painful or difficult…”?

Here’s a big tip – let go of those projects that fit the latter category and focus on just one or two that fit the first superhuman energy category!

Second, creating every day gives us tremendous momentum and this translates into energy.

When you commit to creating for a minimum time each day (and you can start with just five minutes if you want) then with each day your momentum builds. With each day, your creative habit becomes a little more powerful, it becomes a little easier.

The energy you were wasting before endlessly deliberating whether to create, what to create, and for how long, can all now be directly purely into creating the art itself.

Have you ever seen a new path or road laid, then a few weeks or months later, the concrete has cracked and warped and tiny flowers have found their way through to the surface?

How much energy would they need to do that in a matter of seconds? An unbelievable amount, it’d never happen! But by growing a little tiny, almost imperceptible amount every hour of every day, those tiny flowers make amazing progress. Their little leaves can break concrete.

A micron at a time they get closer and closer to the surface, their consistency and determination means their blossoming is inevitable and indestructible.

You can find the same kind of energy in your creative life by simply creating a little each day and building the same kind of powerful habits, momentum and unstoppable energy.

Third, the people and influences you surround yourself with greatly influence the energy you have.

In this sense we can say there are two types of people – drains and radiators.

The drains do just that – drain the energy of those they’re around, sucking their energy with criticism, moaning and negativity. They don’t even have to be negative about you specifically. Just spending a few minutes with someone who’s constantly broadcasting doom and gloom to all who’ll listen is enough to cause your own mood to plummet too.

Radiators on the other hand are people who radiate energy and enthusiasm. They’re kind, encouraging and supportive, and spending time with them leaves you feeling invigorated and uplifted, and as if you’ve been plugged into an electric socket and given a boost of energy.

Take a hard look at the people who you surround yourself with. Are they drains or radiators?

Who do you spend time with that is nothing but a leech on your own energy and happiness? Find ways to spend less time with them, or to cut them from your life altogether.

Who do you spend time with that make you feel a million dollars, that always has something encouraging to say? They don’t need to all be people you know in person, they can be writers and artists online too. Anyone who gives you energy and makes you feel better, more creative, more energised.

Also, take a look at yourself. How much of a drain or radiator are you on the people around you? How can you enable others to feel more uplifted, more energised and at the same time feel more like this yourself too?

(Hint: encouraging others and seeing their progress is incredibly inspiring and uplifiting. It’s why I chose to pursue a career as a creativity coach!)

I hope you can see from highlighting these three areas, we are not slaves to a very limited amount of energy.

We can consciously choose ways to bring more energy into our lives.

And, just as importantly, if not even more so, we can consciously choose which projects and acquaintances we can begin to let go of, and make space for others that are so much better for us, and that will add to our energy, not take it away.

How do you manage your energy? What can you do in the next 48 hours to increase the energy you have to create your art? Leave your thoughts and comments below. : )


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11 thoughts on “3 Ways To Magically Find More Energy To Be More Creative”

  1. Love this article, thanks for posting it on twitter. I have been turning the ringer off of my phone as I have several draining family members. This gives me time to create in peace and tap into positive energy of my own.


    1. Thanks for commenting Beatrice. Sometimes that’s the best way, just make yourself uncontactable for hours so you really get into creating what matters. 🙂


  2. Thanks for this post. I am trying to tap into my creativity more, and reading this inspires me to take some more positive steps and to do something everyday that feeds my creativity.


  3. Thank you, Dan. Lack of energy is a daily battle for me. I am trying to eliminate the draining elements in my life by limiting time with the draining people in my life, trying not to be so negative, and focusing on projects I can get excited about rather than the energy-sucking mindless chores that seem to take over too much of my time. It’s a balancing act I have to be vigilant about. Thanks for another article I will refer to often!


    1. Thanks for commenting Diane, always good to hear from you. Yes it is a balancing act for us all, and hopefully with time it becomes easier, and we can continue to reduce those draining elements as much as possible.


  4. Let me raise another dimension to this if I can.
    Some of us have a distinct tendency to find and throw ourselves into the “oh, I am so happy I am doing this” projects and engage in them with so much energy that we totally exhaust ourselves.
    We do not actually have an unlimited amount of energy and can burn ourselves out temporarily if we do not know how to pace ourselves at all.
    I am one who has always had an uncommon amount of energy and challenges pacing myself.


    1. Thanks Fritzie, yes that’s definitely another dimension to managing our energy, being enthusiastic and passionate but not burning ourselves out by neglecting the natural limitations we all have. Again it’s about finding that balance.


  5. Hi Dan

    Thanks for this thought provoking post. I am definitely going to start each day tbis week with work that energises me and gets the momentum rolling for the rest of the day.

    It also had me thinking about the concept of radiators and drains. I definitely want to be a radiator for my family and friends. It is important to be aware of the influece you are having on the people around you.



    1. Thea, great plan for this week, yes starting the day with a burst of something creative and that we’re passionate about will get is of to a good start. I do yoga each day before anything and it really helps me, can’t imagine starting the day without it really.


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