Why You Need To Make Yourself Completely Unavailable

And All Along It Was Within Us, Rushing, Rushing...
image: dancoachcreative

These days we’re almost expected to be in touch and available at any hour of the day or night.

The myriad ways we’re hyperconnected to the big wide world are supposed to make our lives better and help us communicate more effectively, but more often than not they’re becoming just another pressure, just another demand on lives already bursting at the seams with obligations.

Being so connected, rather than enhancing our lives, is just another obstacle between you and creating what you desperately need to create. And that’s what you’re here for.

We fear that if we disconnect from all these sockets and portals and platforms we’re plugged into that we might disappoint someone, or that we might miss something crucial that will instantly change our lives.

These kind of feelings can become obsessive, almost addictive, and we find ourselves spending much of our valuable time simply trying to maintain and catch up on all these different channels.

But here’s the crucial point at the core of this, that, drowning in so many connections and obligations, we all too easily forget:

By being connected to all these external (and often very shallow and meaningless) sources, we’re disconnected from the most vital source of all.

We’re disconnected from the fundamental internal source of our creativity, our ideas, our imaginations.

Thankfully, there is a way out.

There’s a way back home to the real you, that living, thriving artist deep within you that you almost, almost, forgot about.

By disconnecting from all of these distractions and demands, you give yourself the space and time to breathe, to realign, and to reconnect with all that’s within you.

You already know what to do, you always know.

You already know how to create the most amazing and life changing artwork you’re capable of. You’ve always known.

Now is the time to let that knowledge seep through again. To seek out that that one precious book of wisdom – the one long ago pushed to the back of a dark, musty shelf deep in your psyche, deep in your soul – dust off its cover, read the first page, and remember.

The book that contains all of you – past, present and future.

The book that knows all you’ll ever need to know.

But how do you find this book, where you’re not sure it even exists, let alone which shelf, room, house or neighbourhood it’s in?


Make yourself completely unavailable every single day and write, paint, dance, sketch, sing, whatever your creative outpourings demand.

Create your beautiful kingdom.

Let’s be realistic.

Unless you take yourself off on a retreat in the middle of nowhere with only a handful of possessions (it’s always an option!), you can’t simply disengage from all of your current connections and commitments.

But you can do as we just spoke about – make yourself completely unavailable for a minimum time each day. 15 minutes a day is an excellent starting point.

The more external interference you disconnect from, the more you will reconnect with the artist within you.

Cut back the noise and listen to that one pure tone that’s always being broadcast, night and day, the signal that can never be broken all the time you’re alive and breathing.

Start today. Disconnect, disappear, make yourself completely unavailable.

When you do, you’ll find yourself starting to rediscover the most important connection of all.


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11 thoughts on “Why You Need To Make Yourself Completely Unavailable”

  1. Lovely bit of serendipity here. Today I started writing the book of me – the one where I can write as big and sloppy as I want to. The one where the wisdom at the back of my heart is coming out on the page. It feels so good.


    1. That’s wonderful to hear Milli. 🙂

      There’s so much within us just waiting to be poured out on to the page, the screen, the canvas…

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. I call it my Mom Cave: the recliner in the corner of the bedroom. Family knows not to bother me when I’m there, whether I’m reading or writing or napping. Of course, if it’s Husband dropping off a rum punch or gin & tonic or cup of coffee, I don’t stop him.


  3. I just stumbled across this post, and so agree with what you have written! I don’t hand out my mobile phone number (I can never remember it anyway) nor do I answer it if it rings, I disconnected from Facebook several years ago, I don’t keep up with my blog, and I refuse to Tweet. If people want to contact me they can, using the old fashioned telephone, where you actually speak to another human being, or by email, when you use it like the old fashioned art of writing letters and sending photos.
    I am no longer at anyone’s beck and call, and I love it!
    Most people think I am a dinosaur; however there is nothing prehistoric about reclaiming your life and the time needed to express your creative side, undisturbed. Its liberating, and the time since I completely decluttered has been artistically productive.
    We all need to switch off so we can listen to the inner “me” otherwise we are easily swamped by the demands of modern life, and instead of being creative, we are frantically playing catch-up which is destructive, and we start to lose the person we are.. Its hard to take the first step, and a bit scary, but there is nothing wrong in saying “No, this time is for me”! Its a move we all need to make in the end, and we are better people for it.


  4. I love this post and needed the reminder.

    I just recently bought an iPhone and am actually addicted to it. I’m constantly tuned in and realize I’m potentially tuning my creativity out. I need to shut off to let what’s inside out.

    You’ve inspired me to write something similar on my blog!

    Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    ~Nikki xo


    1. Nikki, thanks for your comments.

      I’ve deliberately avoided getting an iPhone, despite being a huge Apple fan, because I know it would make the internet and all its distractions far too available. I don’t go online on my mobile phone either. It’s so important to have time where we completely unplug from distraction and like you say, “let what’s inside out”.

      How could you have short periods for yourself when you disconnect from all potentially distracting devices and just enjoy immersing yourself in creating?


  5. Hi Dan – I just stumbled across this post via a Twitter RT, and it really resonates. I preach the benefits of short periods of retreat, so your “start with 15 minutes a day” really hits home.

    My followers tend to be looking to de-stress and find clarity and focus more than they are looking to spark their creativity, but I agree that slowing down and just connecting with yourself – really connecting – is the key to creativity. Whether you are creating a work of art, or a life.


    1. Exactly Cheryl, otherwise we’re constantly skimming around on the surface of our lives (and ourselves) and never doing anything to any depth of feeling or engagement.

      Thanks for reading.


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