The Weekenders

Open arms
image: ashley rose

Some of us welcome the weekend with open arms and beaming grins as we can finally spend time on the projects we really love.

But isn’t this way of living as broken as the one that sees us working on stuff we don’t love for 48 weeks of the year to take a holiday for just four of them?

Gather, grab, find, seize, scrape, steal, carve, create, demand time EVERY DAY for the projects you love, the work that makes you come alive.

Don’t be just another weekender, every day is here to make it yours.


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2 thoughts on “The Weekenders”

    1. I read a book a little while ago called The Seven Day Weekend by Ricardo Semler about his radically managed, but very productive companies.

      Like you say, good to change things around, and to see what else is possible, rather than just accepting that because many of the people around you do something one way, it’s the only way, or even the best way to do it for you.


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