Opening The Gateway

At The Gateway, Our Time Was Now
image: dancoachcreative

One of the most valuable reasons for creating is to connect with those incredible, mysterious, abundant worlds of wisdom and adventure within us.

These worlds are not there purely for our entertainment, but also to help us keep learning, developing and evolving into ever better versions of ourselves.

We need a point of entry though, a way to regularly and deeply connect with this wonderful other (inner) side.

In short, we need open gateways.

What are your gateways?

How do you find them, and how do you keep them open?


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2 thoughts on “Opening The Gateway”

  1. What a great question to ponder. Gateways to my creative soul…. well, I’d have to say painting, being in nature, and seeing art in person!

    Now keeping them open IS the challenge. Trying to be immersed in them on a regular basis works for me.

    What about you?


    1. Hey Marianne, thanks for your comments. For me, it’s similar, I keep showing up regularly at the same place and it almost flips this concept around – the gateways present themselves to me. There’s no better or more important way to be more creative than do it every day. I find it also helps to have longer sessions in between where I’m even more immersed, but these only work because of the daily commitment and “exercise” my creativity gets.


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