While You Were Gone (The World Didn’t End)

Go, Just Go, It's Waiting...
image: dancoachcreative

While you were gone, your communities didn’t collapse.

Your connections didn’t disintegrate.

Your tribes didn’t implode.

The world didn’t end.

We can all disconnect from our familiar surroundings once on a while, and most importantly, let go of the crippling fear of missing out.

Find what else is out there, waiting to be found.

Find what else is in you, waiting to be be released in a wondrous beautiful riot of colourful creativity.

We’ll be here waiting when you return. Now go.


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5 thoughts on “While You Were Gone (The World Didn’t End)”

  1. I love stepping away from the online world every so often. I feel like my creativity is slowly drained the longer I spend connected and a couple days away is like plugging rechargeable batteries into the wall. I come back full of energy and ready to go!


    1. Thanks for your input Sam. Yes I definitely need to program more “digital sabbaticals” into my weeks, I’m thinking a day or two a week completely disconnected to recharge my batteries too. 🙂

      I think any of us who have any kind of long term interest online have a sense of freedom as a motivation – freedom of speech, freedom to find (and form) our own tribes, freedom to work when and how we want to, and so on. However we need to remain vigilant and not let the instruments we’re using to find this freedom became bind or burdens themselves.


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