Not Even Trying

image: vanchett

We’ve all experienced those heady highs of creative flow, where our art pours forth from our core like delicious warm sweet honey on to the page, the stage, the film, and the canvas.

It’s so effortless, it’s as if we’re not even trying.

But to give ourselves the opportunities to enjoy these wonderful creative sessions more often, there’s a great deal of trying.

A great deal of committing, experimenting, learning and evolving.

It all begins with showing up.

And for that, you don’t have to try at all.

You just do it. Every single day.


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4 thoughts on “Not Even Trying”

  1. I love the simplicity and truthfulness of this message. It’s so true! You just gotta show up regardless of whether or not you want to. Showing up is half the battle.


    1. I think it’s probably a whole lot more than half of the battle Marianne, maybe more like three quarters!

      Great point about showing up “whether or not you want to”. If we only chose to create when the conditions were all perfect (including our state of mind or mood) we’d probably never get around to creating anything.

      Appreciate your comments, thank you.


  2. Just discovered your inspiring blog–I love this beautiful, thoughtful place! The showing up rings true… Since the turn of the years, for some months now I’ve been taking a new path where my creativity is concerned and just dazzled by the process. At first the showing up was scary, but now it’s all part of the many wonders of a day. :o)


    1. Tracy, what a wonderful comment, thank you so much.

      What kind of paths have you been taking with your creativity?


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