Keep Off The Grass

Sheffield Park
image: UGArdener

Those “Keep Off The Grass” signs at beautiful public parks and gardens are there for a reason.

If everyone was given free reign to trample wherever they pleased, the parks would not be anywhere near as resplendent.

Everyone would miss out.

Similarly, if we allow the people in our lives to trample all over our creative time and space, we’ll never create artwork anywhere as wonderful as if we applied a few of our own self-protective boundaries.

Everyone would miss out.

Maybe you need to set up a few “Keep Off The Artist” signs yourself?


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9 thoughts on “Keep Off The Grass”

    1. Thanks for saying Marsha, that’s the aim with these 100 word or less posts, to make simple, memorable points, and give you sometime to ponder.


    1. Alas I can’t claim credit for this photo, but Sheffield Park where it was taken is literally a few miles up the road from me, as are three or four other equally beautiful National Trust gardens.


  1. Love this analogy! I love your reminders to put my creativity first sometimes– as a busy mom, this can be so challenging 🙂

    Hope you’re having a fantastic day,



    1. Glad you’re enjoying them Denise, thanks for saying.

      It goes back to reframing what we so often see as “selfish” creative time. If we have a short amount of time each day to do something we love, then it follows that we’re going to be happier, more positive, more giving people in the rest of our lives, and the good feeling radiates. How’s that possibly selfish?

      Being open about this with those we live with and are close to, and giving them and protecting just as fiercely their own personal time to pursue their passions, means everyone benefits from every angle.


    1. So important to protect our precious time and space. An uninterrupted hour of focused creating can yield more than a day of half-distracted meandering!


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