Walk With Nothing

image: David DeHetre

Sometimes I untether and walk with nothing.

No phone, no wallet, no keys, no aim.

Just me and my feet, one after the after, and whatever adventure awaits us.

It’s incredibly liberating.

What if we created with nothing?

No tools.

No materials.

No limitations.

No preconceptions.

No expectations.

No guilt.

No fear.

How might that feel?

How might that change everything?


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7 thoughts on “Walk With Nothing”

  1. It recently started walking without a cell phone and iPod. I was quite relaxing not to have to worry about constantly checking status updates. Just walk and enjoy my surroundings.


    1. Yes, and don’t you suddenly realise how much detail and inspiration there is in your surroundings when you give them a little more time and attention?


    1. Anywhere in nature we can do this it reveals so much! The more we pay attention, the more the intricate and often beautiful details of the world around us come to life.


  2. Hello! Just discovered your beautiful & inspiring place here…so glad I found my way here. I’m a multi-media artist, but find my most fruitful moments come from not materials at all… but when the bliss inside takes over and creativity comes from the inside out. Releasing all negativity and focusing on the small details opens it all wide. Thank you for what you share here. I look forward to visiting again. :o)


    1. Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing your experiences Tracy. Everything creative begins with noticing the tiny beautiful details.


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