Deep Beneath The Visible

Deep Beneath The Visible
image: dancoachcreative

Sometimes it’s frustrating to devote hours of time to creating, with nothing tangible to show for it.

We’ve become programmed to crave measurable evidence that it was time well invested, time not wasted.

But often the most valuable progress comes deep below the visible, tangible surface.

Often, our greatest evolution comes in the daydreaming and the doodles, the putterings and the ponderings, and the gentle slow unravelling of our work that will take place in its own good time.

Keep showing up with an open, patient and creative mind.

There’s nothing more you’ll need.


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2 thoughts on “Deep Beneath The Visible”

  1. Dan, Thanks for your thoughts today, 9/11/11. It reminds me that all those people who died that day 10 years ago probably thought they had time to do creative things, do things with their families, love, hope, and all. Their lives were cut short. What if today, this morning, were the last day of your life. I plan on remembering this.


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