Finding The True Value Of Your Creativity

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image: jenny downing

What’s the true value of your creativity?

If someone else was in control of your creativity, and you had to pay a subscription fee every month to be able to have full access to all your creative potential, ideas and talents, how much would it be worth to you?

Twenty pounds? Fifty pounds? A thousand pounds? A hundred thousand?

Or would you not be willing to pay a penny to be able to creative?

If you currently value your creativity towards the lower end of the above scale (or even less than that), it’s more than likely it’s because you’ve forgotten how important it is, and what a vital part it plays in virtually every part of your life.

Close your eyes for a few minutes, and take yourself back to a time when you were creating in full flow.

Focus on a vivid memory of when you were so lost in creating, you forgot what time it was, and hours passed in what seemed like minutes.

Recall an experience where you were so happy creating and feeling that surge of ideas and energy rush through you, you thought would either faint, scream or explode. (Maybe you did all three).

We’ve all had these experiences, let one of yours rise back to the forefront of your memory.

Dwell on it for a little while, enjoy how it felt. Let every detail return – what you were seeing, what you were hearing and saying to yourself, what you were feeling.

It was some kind of wonderful, wasn’t it?

Now, let’s return to the question I asked you just now.

What’s the value of your creativity? What kind of price would you put on the kind of experiences like the one you just recalled?

Priceless is the word that comes to my mind.

The reason we’ve let the value we place on our creativity fall so far is because we’ve lost touch with all it brings us.

We’ve forgotten how, when we’re creating in that full flow experience, we feel invincible and unstoppable.

And of course, very happy, and very “us”.

That positive energy can’t be contained, and it naturally radiates out to all those close to us. Being creative makes us feel better, and it leads to those we’ve chosen to spend out lives with feeling better too.

What kind of value can you put on that?

Our work, and the simple fact that we’re showing up to create at all, is a huge inspiration to others. The kind of inspiration that can be the trigger for someone to pick up their brush or their pen or their camera for the first time in months, even years.

What value would you place on that?

Fortunately, our creativity isn’t kept locked up in the dungeon of a vast impenetrable castle by nasty, scary monsters who demand our life’s savings to just lower the drawbridge.

We are free to be creative whenever we wish.

And creativity is free.

Yes, we need equipment and materials. But to start creating, to let our imaginations loose, we need next to nothing.

To tap into that wondrous secret dimension of abundant creativity we don’t need a king’s ransom.

We just need to be willing to show up each day and do the work.

The more often we show up, the more we create, the more we value our creativity, and the easier it becomes.

Today would be a great day to get this habit started.


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