Return To The Mat

Daily Practice
image: dancoachcreative

In my daily yoga practice, for most poses I remain fully within the mat.

The edges of the mat are the edges of my world. I take great strength and focus from knowing these boundaries.

Sometimes though, a pose requires me to stretch part of my body beyond the edges of the mat.

I embrace the posture as best I can, then return to the mat.

In your creative life, what is your mat?

What is the core basis of your daily practice, that you always return to?

How does this allow you to stretch beyond?


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1 thought on “Return To The Mat”

  1. Fab photo, Dan!

    I’ll have to think about the mat analogy…What springs to mind is that I am not a single mat girl 😉 I have a yoga mat – for grip – on top of an exercise mat – for insulation (cold tiled floors, here) – on top of a big rug – for expansion and further insulation- …These might correspond quite literally to A4 for sketching on my knee or at my drawing table, 30 x 40cm – my painting board size for 365 – and then 60 x 90 cm – my ‘big’ painting size… There’s even smaller size sketchbooks and altered books which might correspond to the notes I make as I work out my yoga class structures – the place where ideas happen and nothing is fixed. I know this isn’t quite what you meant but it’s how it came!


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