Material Suffocation

image: dancoachcreative

My essential possessions for a creative, happy life are few:

Yoga mat
A few clothes

There’s a tipping point, where anything beyond this, rather than enhancing my creativity, starts to suffocate it.

Three yoga mats, four cameras and hundreds of clothes would just add unnecessary confusion and decision making.

It would take precious time, energy and focus away from creating what matters to me.

How about you?

What’s your tipping point of material suffocation?

More importantly, are you already way beyond it?


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6 thoughts on “Material Suffocation”

  1. Great timing with the post, Dan. We’re currently moving into a new house and i’m moving into a new creative life.

    I have this well of ideas that I’m looking forward to delving into and am finding it hard to sift through what I’m collecting that can be useful and what is really just hoarding.

    I’d appreciate any advice?


  2. Oh..I can so relate to this post. I like to think that all I really need is my mat and my camera..and whatever else I need to keep me warm and dry and fed – and I’m good!!! Wonderful!


    1. I find it very reassuring that I do need so little. We’re brainwashed into thinking our lives cannot be happy unless we’re living the big spending Consumerist dream… Less is more!

      Thanks for stopping by Marcie.


  3. I find it’s handy to have some easy way of measuring that tipping point.

    One day while sitting in a cafe doing work on my laptop, I looked at my 25L backpack sitting in seat across from me and realized that on a day-to-day basis, everything I need fits in that bag. That became my measuring cup for what’s necessary. If it doesn’t fit in there, then it will most likely add to overflow.


    1. Raam, thanks for your thoughts.

      I really like that idea of a measuring cup, and by adding anything else it causes overflow.

      And that overflow is not just the physical overflow of more objects in our bags/ wardrobes/ hard drives. There’s the associated mental and emotional attachments too.

      I believe if we’re lean and light and agile with our possessions, our thinking can be that way too.


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