Surf’s Up

and so calmly spoke the sea
image: dancoachcreative

My biggest procrastination habit is surfing mindlessly online.

It’s good to read other people’s work for inspiration.

But when you’re scanning and skimming aimlessly without absorbing the words, you’re not respecting the creator of that work, or valuing your own time.

It’s time to notice, then change, the pattern of behaviour.

So I’m trying a few “rules” for my online time, and becoming vigilant about when I’m mindfully engaged, and when I’m mindlessly meandering.

Which means I’ll free up far more time to get on with creating my own work.

What’s your biggest procrastination habit?


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5 thoughts on “Surf’s Up”

  1. I can procrastinate indefinitely about some aspects of house-cleaning. If the idea comes to mind, I quickly think of something else.


    1. Recognising when you’re getting sucked into procrastinating behaviour is the bulk of the battle. Maybe we can practice this, by having an alarm go off every half an hour or so with questions like – “Is what I’m doing right now the best use of my time? Does it have any point? Am I even enjoying it?” With these forced interruptions to make us question our use of time, I’m sure with practice we’d find we wouldn’t need them anymore, and spend far less time “mindlessly meandering”.

      Thanks for your comments.


  2. HI Dan. Mine’s Twitter and that’s how I found your post :). When I work, I sometimes give up too easily and start to “surf” like you said. This post has been a good reminder to set in some limits as to when to work and when to yell “surf’s up!”. (PS, I don’t yell that) Thanks for the post


  3. Sometimes I procrastinate because I work well under pressure. It forces me to be fast and efficient. Is that still a bad kind of procrastination?


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