Losing The Will

image: dancoachcreative

When we ask “Will I create today?”, it gives a certain route to dramas and deliberations we don’t need.

If, instead, we ask “What will I create today” and “How will I create today”, we bypass a whole layer of unnecessary and energy draining debate.

“Will I?”, becomes “I will!”, and we simply take up our tools and get down to the important work.

Lose the will with your creativity.

Instead ask what, and how, you will create, today, tomorrow and every day thereafter.


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3 thoughts on “Losing The Will”

  1. What a simple change of language! What a HUGE difference!

    Thank you. I will be using “How will I create today?” “How will I be creative today?”

    The “what” is too scary for me, still. “How,” now that is open to millions of possibilities.

    Thank you!


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