Creativity And The Heart Of Your Universe

image: dancoachcreative

Imagine if you kept your heart up on a shelf.

Imagine you’d forced your bare fingers right into your chest, ripped out it, and placed it high out of reach. There it sat, dripping, bloodied and barely fluttering.

In this scenario, that old heart of yours isn’t going to be much use to you.

Or, what if, instead being at the centre of your body there in your chest, your heart was positioned in your right foot?

How difficult it would be to get enough blood to your brain, and to the rest of your body.

Your heart is where it is for good reason.

At the centre of your body where it can pump blood to every last inch, and where it’s protected by your rib cage and outer torso. It works to its optimum ability because of this logical placement.

And what if you completely neglected the health of your heart?

What if you ate a diet of high cholesterol junk and sugar and never even entered the same postcode as a fresh vegetable? What if you never exercised, and only ever moved around with as much urgency as a glacier?

This combination would literally destroy your heart and cut your life drastically short. It needs healthy food and regular, varied exercise to operate at its best.

So why are we talking so much about you heart? Aren’t our conversations usually about creativity?

With your heart, it’s pretty obvious why it’s in the middle of your body, and why, if it was in your right foot or up on a shelf, it just wouldn’t function.

It’s also obvious that by completely neglecting your heart – forcing it full of junk, and never getting any exercise – it’s going to deteriorate rapidly.

So why isn’t this so obvious with your creativity?

Why are you happy to place your creativity at the peripheries of your life – out of sight on a high dusty shelf, or at arm’s (or indeed leg’s) length – and neglect it for days or weeks on end while you get on with “more important” stuff?

Why do you not exercise your creativity daily? Why do you not feed it a healthy diet of stimulating new thoughts, ideas, surroundings and people?

How can you follow this kind of behaviour, yet expect yourself to be highly creative at a moment’s notice? How reasonable is that expectation?

Just as your heart is at the core of your body and your physical being, your creativity is the heart of your life and your universe.

It infuses and influences everything you do – from the way you speak, dress and style your hair, to the way you create artwork that no-one else in the world can.

But it does this only when you let it.

Your creativity can only give you its glorious full potential when you place it in its rightful place at the heart of your universe.

How does this apply to you? Where have you placed your creativity in your life, your universe?

At the pulsating heart? At the tips of your fingers or toes? Or, removed entirely, ripped out and now laying abandoned and uncared for on an out of sight shelf?

What could you do today to put your creativity back at the heart of your universe?

When are you going to do that?

Join the conversation and let me know.


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