Let Go Of Future Fears And Be A Better Artist Today

image: dancoachcreative

The tiny details of the unknown future often seem to influence what we do and how we act right here, today.

Worrying that you won’t be able to, or won’t know how to, set up some aspect of your work and creative life in a week, a month, or a year from now, can sabotage what you attempt and feel confident embracing and creating right now.

For example, you might be holding back from even beginning a new novel, because you worry that you don’t know to even begin publishing it when it’s finished, or even whether you want to.

Or you don’t begin a new series of paintings that have been simmering away inside you for months, because you’re not sure which frames will work best with them when they’re ready.

These future fears don’t have any bearing on the talent and the ideas you have within you today.

The talent and ideas that can be given space and attention and energy to manifest themselves at a moment’s notice.

Imagine an architect who for years had been planning his dream home for his family, then once he was ready to begin building, held back because he couldn’t decide whether the front door would be pillar box red or forest green.

Or because he hadn’t decided whether to have roses or clematis growing up the walls in the front garden.

These are little details that will be worked out when the time comes. Don’t let them sabotage an entire project before it’s even begun.

In many ways it’s a waste of time to plan these kind of things anyway because by the time you reach that point, the art you originally envisaged will have altered and evolved.

It will have deviated from its original vision, as our work always does.

Plus, when it comes to areas you don’t yet know about, like for example curating your first photography exhibition, or setting up an online store to sell your hand made journals, there are always people ready and willing to help, who do know all about these areas. These people and these resources are more readily available than ever before.

Your main focus right now is not about the lighting of the exhibition space and the design of the invitations, or the colour scheme of your online store and how to accept payments.

Your main focus right now is to get out there and capture those fabulous photographs, to sit down and to bind those beautiful journals.

How often do you find yourself hung up on some future concern that’s five or ten or twenty steps down the line, and use it to avoid getting down to doing the work – to making your unique art – today?

Do you want to live the life of an artist, do you want to bring to life all those glorious creations waiting as tiny idea seeds within you?

Or do you just want to spend the rest of your days wishing and dreaming of creating your best work, but drowning in future fear?

All that’s needed is a shift in focus.

Take your eyes off that distant horizon you can’t possibly know until you get there anyway, and focus them on your hands right there in front of you.

They’re the hands of an artist. So what are they going to make, today?

Let go of those future fears, worries and concerns, just start creating.


Do you have fears about how you can find an audience and share your artwork, that prevent you from even starting to create anything in the first place?  Join the conversation to let us know.


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